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  • Hi there! I'm so glad you're here! My name is Audrey and I'm a Virginia Wedding Photographer based out of Norfolk, VA. Photographing a couples wedding day is one of my life's greatest joys! Take a look around to see some of my work and learn a little bit more about me! Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from you!

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We are kicking off the new Wedding Day Breakdown series with some tips on planning for the very beginning of the wedding day! Your big day has finally arrived and you’re getting all dolled up with your best girlfriends as you anxiously wait for the festivities to get started! Be sure to hand off any last minute to-do’s to someone else so that you can relax and enjoy your big day! Once I arrive, I will start with shooting your bridal details. Then once everyone has their hair and makeup done, it’s time to get you dressed! Here are some tips on making this part of the day smooth and stress-free!

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church hill richmond virginia libby hill park belle isle engagement pictures
Now that the weather is warming up (slowly, but surely), I can bring my camera out of hibernation and start shooting again! Hayley and Craig’s engagement session was the perfect way to start Spring! We met up in Richmond on a beautiful 60′s and sunny Spring afternoon. Hayley and Craig are the just the sweetest people you will ever meet!! Hayley has that fun bubbly personality that makes you want to be best friends with her from the moment you meet her! And Craig was so much fun and really embraced the pictures and had a great time with it! You can tell by the way these two interact with each other that they are just so smitten with each other and can’t wait to be husband and wife! Hayley and Craig both grew up in Richmond and are now living in the Church Hill area, so that was the perfect location for their engagement session! We hit up Libby Hill park for the amazing overlook and ended on the river at Belle Isle with a beautiful sunset. Hayley and Craig are so proud of where they live and all the history in Richmond, so they also served as tour guides as we drove around the city! I never realized there was so much history there! We definitely need to make it up to Richmond more often! We had such a blast hanging out with these guys during their session and can’t wait for their wedding this summer!!

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  • March 24, 2015 - 12:26 pm

    Elaine - Hi! I just wanted to stop by and say these are beautiful!! I’ve only been to Belle Isle once and instantly knew I wanted to do a shoot there one of these days!

    I was wondering if you use Lightroom or Photoshop? Do you have any tips on where to get tutorials on how to achieve this type of edit, that nice warm and bright clean edit?

    Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • March 24, 2015 - 1:56 pm

    Rachel - These photos are so great!! Their personalities really shine through! Beautiful! :DReplyCancel

wedding day breakdown how to get the most out of your wedding day virginia wedding photographerNow that I am getting back into blogging after a brief hiatus, I wanted to start a new series. My last series was geared towards photographers. This time I wanted to do a series that is geared towards a very important group of people- BRIDES!! With wedding season quickly approaching, I decided this would be a perfect time to share some tips for brides!! So I will be going through the entire wedding day step-by-step and explaining how to get the most out of each part of the day! These tips will help brides to plan a smooth and stress-free that allows them to savor and enjoy every minute of the day! This will also be geared towards helping brides to get the most out of their wedding photography! I’ll be talking about how to plan ahead so that all the photography aspects of the day go smoothly and everything is beautifully captured! This will include things like gathering all your bridal details together before the day starts to creating a smooth and efficient wedding day timeline! I hoping this will help all those brides out there that are planning the final details of their upcoming weddings- including my own brides!! Stay tuned for the first post of the series next week!

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I haven’t been able to blog much the last few weeks due to our pipes bursting, but now that things are starting to be less crazy and we’re getting settled into the new place, I can finally blog more regularly again! So I thought I’d start things off by reintroducing myself to you all! Some of you that follow me I know quite well and others I don’t. So I wanted to share a few random things about myself that you may not know about me! I’m all about being transparent with my clients and followers and letting people know who I really am, even if that means sharing a few embarrassing pictures from the past! So here’s a few things about me!

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moving progress
We have officially moved!! Ahh!! It still doesn’t feel real. It was just over a week ago that we even decided we were going to move and now we are getting settled in our new place- what a whirlwind! Ever since our pipes burst just over two weeks ago, things have been so crazy. Between dealing with landlords and insurance adjustors to making the split decision to move, so much has transpired. But we are finally at a point where we are feeling settled and a little less crazy! We may still be living out of boxes, but we are just so happy to be in a place that is our own and go to sleep in a real bed that is ours! No more air mattresses for us! The whole moving process is really crazy. Thank goodness Branden had his Spring Break last week so we could spend the whole week moving. You really don’t realize how much junk you have until you have to box it up and move it! Man! We are so grateful to our parents for coming over to help us move. But they did make it clear that next time we move, we need to hire movers! Haha! Sorry guys! :-p

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