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August 4, 2016

Aix En Provence, France

aix-en-provence-france-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6019.jpgI wish I were cool enough to live in Aix En Provence, or even just be a frequent visitor! This little town in France is just so posh and adorable! From the lively trendy outdoor market on the main drag to the quaint little pedestrian streets lined with buildings all boasting the most picturesque french balconies, I was in heaven! Such a shame that we only got be there for a few hours! This quintessential French town is very high on our list of places to come back to one day!

Aix En Provence was our first and only French city that we got to visit. Womp womp. Our ship actually docked in Marseilles, so when we were looking at the nearby cities and attractions, spending the day in a cute French town like Aix En Provence was an obvious choice! We had a quick tour of the town followed by a wine and cheese tasting! Oh Mylanta, the cheese!! So so good! I wish I had a clue as to what we were actually tasting so I could buy some! The only one I’ll pass on is the one that pretty tasted like a petting zoo. No thank you. But even in the short time we were here, we quickly fell in love with this place. So cute, cozy and not very crowded! Big plus in my book! I can’t wait to get back here one day!aix-en-provence-france-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6002.jpgIt’s almost a good thing we didn’t have that much time here, or else I would’ve bought everything in this market! They had such cute clothes!! aix-en-provence-france-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6003.jpg aix-en-provence-france-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6004.jpg aix-en-provence-france-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6005.jpg aix-en-provence-france-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6006.jpg aix-en-provence-france-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6007.jpg aix-en-provence-france-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6008.jpg aix-en-provence-france-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6009.jpg aix-en-provence-france-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6010.jpg Fluffy peonies for days!!! Wish I could have brought them all home with me!!aix-en-provence-france-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6012.jpg aix-en-provence-france-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6011.jpg aix-en-provence-france-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6013.jpg aix-en-provence-france-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6014.jpg aix-en-provence-france-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6015.jpg aix-en-provence-france-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6016.jpg aix-en-provence-france-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6017.jpg

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