August 11, 2016

Barcelona, Spain

barcelona-spain-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6082.jpgIt’s the last stop on our European vacay!! Even though this amazing trip ended months ago, it feels now it is really ending! Boo! But we are wrapping up our 2-week getaway in Europe with a night in Barcelona!! This was definitely a city that we were really excited to explore and had heard so many great things about! We had such a great time getting lost in the streets and alleys of this lively city!

We go off our cruise ship bright and early in the morning (after about 2 hours of sleep!) and after waiting an hour in line for a taxi, we got to our hotel around 10am. Hoping that we could grab a quick nap in our room, we were then told that we couldn’t check in until 1:00. Oy. Luckily our hotel sat right on a really cool and lively square (Plaza De Cataluna) were we basically parked ourselves on a bench and people watched for 3 hours! It was pretty neat just watching all the locals stroll through and all the little kids running through the masses of pigeons that covered the square. If you’re gonna be stuck somewhere for 3 hours, that’s not a bad place to be! barcelona-spain-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6066.jpg barcelona-spain-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6067.jpg barcelona-spain-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6068.jpg Then we finally got into our room and since we had to wait so long, they upgraded our room to one with a balcony view of the square! So amazing!! barcelona-spain-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6069.jpg barcelona-spain-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6070.jpg After a quick nap and shower, we headed out to roam the streets. We didn’t really have a concrete plan as to where we were going. We just headed towards La Rambla and got lost in all the little side streets off of it. We loved just roaming around and taking all the neat and interesting sights this city has to offer!barcelona-spain-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6071.jpg barcelona-spain-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6072.jpg barcelona-spain-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6073.jpg barcelona-spain-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6074.jpg barcelona-spain-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6075.jpg barcelona-spain-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6076.jpg barcelona-spain-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6077.jpg barcelona-spain-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6078.jpg barcelona-spain-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6079.jpgbarcelona-spain-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6080.jpgAfter an afternoon of walking around the city, we met up with our friends that were also on the cruise with us for a great tapas dinner! The perfect way to end the trip of a lifetime!barcelona-spain-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_6081.jpg

Well, that’s the end of our trip, folks! I hope you enjoyed following along this journey with us! We can’t wait to get back!

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