November 10, 2021

Behind the Scenes 2021

virginia-wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-photo_1284.jpgWeddings are officially a wrap for 2021, so that means it’s time for the annual Behind the Scenes blog post!! And this year is extra special because you get to see my baby bump grow! I started the season with a barely there baby bump and ended with a big 35-week belly!

This was my second full wedding season that I’ve shot pregnant. I did a full season back in 2018 when I was pregnant with James (see that behind the scenes post here!). But this time was a lot more difficult for a few reasons. One, this pregnancy proved to be much more difficult than the first, physically. Which I’m now realizing is the case for a lot of people! The back and hip pain kicked in wayyyyy earlier and having a toddler to chase around certainly doesn’t help. I’m SO SO thankful for my AMAZING second shooters that were more than willing to be my pack mules and carry my bags and equipment around for me on wedding days. I couldn’t have done it without them!

And two, because of COVID and all the rescheduled weddings, I ended up with a LOT of consecutive wedding weekends. Most of which fell during my third trimester. Eek!! But despite the craziness and aching feet, I’m so glad I was able to serve all my couples this year! And after last year, I’m just so happy to see people having weddings again! It’s so refreshing to return to some sort of normalcy and finally see these couples have the weddings of their dreams! 

So here’s a little look into the not-so-glamorous side of wedding days where you get to see me being bossy and looking like a hot mess behind the camera. And see how my belly grows with each wedding! Shout out to my second shooters this season for all their help and for taking these photos! Christy, Sarah, Brooke, Ali, and Tiffany!
virginia-wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-photo_1241.jpgSame outfit, just a few weeks after the pics above. Belly is starting to pop!
This is my ‘please don’t elbow me in the face’ look.virginia-wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-photo_1243.jpg
Loved getting to work with so many great videographers this season, like Mark!virginia-wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-photo_1245.jpg
Shooting like this became a bit more difficult as the season went on for obvious reasons.virginia-wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-photo_1247.jpg
This is my ‘holy hell it’s hot out here’ face. haha!virginia-wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-photo_1248.jpg
Can;t believe these are the views I get to see on the weekends while I work!virginia-wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-photo_1250.jpg
Making that veil magic happen!virginia-wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-photo_1251.jpg
Photographer’s dream- getting the fully set reception space all to yourself!virginia-wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-photo_1252.jpg
One of my favorite parts of the day- the same day slideshow!virginia-wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-photo_1253.jpg
First look instructions on a Richmond rooftop!virginia-wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-photo_1254.jpg
Where’s Waldo??virginia-wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-photo_1258.jpg
I think it’s physically impossible to make a normal face when acting as a test model.virginia-wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-photo_1259.jpg
Every girl needs a best friend that will get down in the sand to put our shoes on for you on your wedding day!virginia-wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-photo_1263.jpg
At the beginning of the season, I would bring tennis shoes to change into during the reception so I could wear more professional shoes during the main parts of the day. But I quickly realized that tennis shoes from start to finish were a MUST. virginia-wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-photo_1268.jpg
Do I almost pass for a bridesmaid here??virginia-wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-photo_1269.jpg
This is my ‘I’m fine, my feet aren’t screaming’ face.virginia-wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-photo_1274.jpg
Also loved getting to work with so many amazing planners this year too, like Jamie! Brides, the secret to a stress-free and smooth wedding day is an amazing wedding planner. DO NOT cut the budget here!virginia-wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-photo_1277.jpg
Final wedding of the season- still climbing onto things for the perfect shot!virginia-wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-photo_1280.jpg
You’d be surprised how often I’m actually the one buttoning up the bride after we get the posed shot with mom.virginia-wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-photo_1281.jpg

And that’s a wrap! Now it’s time for nesting and baby watch!

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