Historic Yorktown Virginia Engagements

Britt and Kyle’s engagement session took me back to a place that is not only special to me, but also to them and their love story! The Yorktown Beach area will always have a special place in my heart as it it where I did so many sessions when I first starting my business. The scenery and light that this area provides is part of what fueled my passion for photography! But it’s also special to Britt and Kyle as it is where they got engaged just a few short weeks ago! And we had a gorgeous fall afternoon to stroll the gardens and walk along the beach for their engagement session!


October 25, 2018

UVA Charlottesville Virginia Engagements

Charlottesville isn’t just wineries and gorgeous mountain-top venues. It’s also home to plenty historic and charming sights like the University of Virginia! Katie and Andrew met during their first year as students and have so many ties to the school that made it the perfect place for their engagement session! Both of Andrew’s parents attended UVA, Katie now works at the university AND they are getting married right across the street next fall! You could say that this place is pretty special to them! 


October 24, 2018

Baby Deyerle Second Trimester

Our sweet baby James is coming for us, whether we are ready or not! We are officially in the 3rd trimester!! Pregnancy is such a whirlwind! Every week comes with a new set of emotions, excitement and disbelief! And somehow the whole process feels so slow yet so fast at the same time!! He’s not even in our arms yet, but our whole world has already been turned upside down in the best way!! 


October 17, 2018

King Family Vineyards Charlottesville VA Wedding

What a sweet sweet wedding Erin and Kienan had. A gorgeous Charlottesville mountain venue, cool fall temps, the perfect layer of clouds all day and the sweetest couple! The way that Erin and Kienan look at each other could make even the biggest cynic believe in love. After years of long distance, their relationship endured and now here they are as man and wife!!


October 10, 2018

Weekend Update

Another weekend, another wedding! That’s how the fall usually goes! This weekend’s wedding was such a treat! A gorgeous venue and couple, perfect weather and just an overall seamless day! Plus, you could start to see little specs of fall showing up on the trees up in the mountains!! Eekk!!


October 8, 2018

Downtown Richmond Virginia Wedding

Evanne and Randy’s wedding was such a breath of fresh air for so many reasons. First, because it had been a while since I’d had perfect wedding day weather and they had a gorgeous 70s and sunny day for their wedding! But more importantly, because the day was easy, breezy and beautiful! Everything ran so smoothly and easily. Evanne and Randy and their wedding party were such a joy to work with and made the day so fun and easy! Just a picture perfect day!


October 3, 2018