Amber Grove Richmond VA Wedding

Chelsea and Patrick’s wedding really kicked off the winter season with a bang with some unseasonably cold temps! But you’d never know it was 30 degrees out based on their attitude and spirit! Nothing could contain their excitement to get married!


November 15, 2017

Charleston SC on Film

You guys have probably seen that I’ve been dabbling in film lately. Just a little bit here and there. So when I was planning our trip to Charleston, I was wrestling with the decision of whether to use my film or digital camera on the trip. I was hesitant to use the film camera since I had just started shooting film and I didn’t want to come back from the trip with no decent pictures! But you gotta learn somehow, so I shot the whole trip on film! 


November 14, 2017

Weekend Update

Well, 2017, that’s almost a wrap! Even though I have a wedding on December 30th, it feels like this weekend was my last wedding! But this is at least the beginning of a season that is full of less work and more family, parties and holidays! So we’ll toast to that! 


November 13, 2017

Washington DC Monuments Sunrise Engagements

Well this session may go down as an all time favorite! From the light to the setting to the couple- just perfection! Not to mention their adorable pup! Always an added bonus! Sit tight friends, this is a long one. 


November 9, 2017

Hampton Roads Virginia Fall Wedding

I’ve had the privilege of photographing weddings in a lot of beautiful places. Gorgeous Charlottesville wineries, mountain-top venues and more. But you can’t beat getting the chance to photograph a wedding in the church where you grew up, where you parents got married AND where you yourself got married! I’m not much of a crier, but this wedding had me pretty close!


November 8, 2017

UVA Charlottesville Fall Engagements

It’s always such a treat when couples want to do their engagement session at a place that has special meaning to them and their relationship. For Flynn and Morgan, it was University of Virginia. It’s where they met and where their relationship was forged. It’s where they not only have wonderful memories as a couple, but also timeless memories as individuals. Throw in a gorgeous afternoon at the peak of fall and we’ve got a perfect recipe for an engagement session! 


November 7, 2017