Fort Monroe Virginia Engagements

I can’t believe I am already blogging my LAST engagement session of the year! Where did 2018 go?! Candice and CJ were the perfect couple to end with! So sweet, laid back and fun! And we had a gorgeous afternoon at Fort Monroe with just the right amount of sun and clouds!  Candice and CJ […]


November 27, 2018

Downtown Norfolk VA Fall Engagements

The picturesque Fall look falls in a rather small window in southern Virginia. There’s usually about 2-3 weeks where the leaves are at their peak color and aren’t too bare! Justin and Abby’s Downtown Norfolk engagement session fell perfectly in that window! We had a lovely fall afternoon in the always charming Freemason neighborhood for their engagement session!


November 21, 2018

Kingsmill Resort Williamsburg VA Wedding

Sarah and Matt’s wedding day was a chilly breezy one, but I’ll take a cold wedding day over a wet one any day! Their wedding day was sweet and laid back, just like they are! They even incorporated their love for dogs (they have 3!) in their wedding in more ways than one! 


November 14, 2018

Weekend Update

Well, I guess Fall only stopped in for a short visit as it seems winter is already on the doorstep! Between the weather and all the Christmas things already everywhere you look, it definitely feels like winter! We had a chilly and windy day for this weekend’s wedding, but I’ll take chilly over wet for a wedding any day! And as the year quickly winds to a close, so does our little one’s arrival date!! Eekk!! 


November 12, 2018

Virginia Beach Oceanfront Fall Engagements

So I am slightly obsessed with this session. From the light to the couple to the setting, it was all just perfect!! It was the perfect way to wrap up a very busy weekend of shooting!! We had a gorgeous fall afternoon at some of my favorite local spots to shoot for Janelle and Jess’ Virginia Beach engagements! 


November 2, 2018

Virginia Tech Blacksburg VA Engagements

Weddings and engagements sessions have taken me all  over Virginia and have allowed me to explore some really cool places that I wouldn’t have otherwise! That’s especially the case for Amy and Matt’s engagement session. With all the people I’ve known that have attended Virginia Tech, I can’t believe I have never set foot in Blacksburg until this weekend! And even though I was literally only there for their session, it was a pretty neat visit because we got to go into Lane Stadium all by ourselves!! No big deal! 


November 1, 2018