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Creating A Consistent Business Aesthetic

Welcome to part two of the Consistency series! If you missed part one last week, be sure to check out that post to get up to speed! Last week we talked about the importance of showing up consistently and this week we are talking about the visual part of consistency- creating a consistent business aesthetic! This refers to all the visual representations of your business- your brand, your work, online presence, etc. So let’s dive in!


April 10, 2018

The Importance of Showing Up Consistently

One aspect of business that I am really passionate about is consistency. When you demonstrate consistency across every aspect of your business, you will be amazed by the results! When I think of the big names in the industry that are really growing their businesses, I take notice of how consistent they are! Providing quality content on a consistent schedule, providing a consistent service or product and more!


April 5, 2018

Portsmouth Virginia Winter Wedding Inspiration

I’m so excited to get to share the styled shoot from our February Workshop!  I teamed up with Jamie of Jamie Leigh Events to put together this elegant winter wedding inspiration shoot at The Woman’s Club of Portsmouth!  And now that it has been featured on Wedding Chicks, I can share all the pretty with you! 


April 3, 2018

4 Ways To Create A Personal Brand

One of the biggest complaints that I hear from photographers is how hard it is to stand out in such a saturated market. In case you didn’t know, there are a TON of photographers out there! Now that nice cameras are so accessible, it’s much easier for people to start a photography business, hence the huge surge of them over the past several years! So the best way to stand out in this industry is YOU!


March 8, 2018

Rising Tide NOLA 2018 Leaders Retreat

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you know that I like to blog weddings, sessions, travels, etc pretty much right after they happen. So it may surprise you to see me blogging a trip from over a month ago! Honestly, I was planning on not blogging this trip, but the more I thought about, I realized there was no way that I couldn’t! So let me take you back to annual Rising Tide Society leaders retreat in New Orleans!


March 6, 2018

Top 3 Ways Brides Find Me

No matter what stage of your business you are in, attracting prospective clients is an on-going effort. Whether you are just starting out and trying to get your initial set of clients or you are a seasoned business owner that is working to keep that steady stream of clients. So the question is, how do you get those prospective clients to find you?


February 28, 2018