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December 22, 2017

Christmas Card Photo Outtakes 2017

virginia-wedding-photographer-christmas-card-photo-outtakes-corgis-photo_2930.jpgThis is the week for outtakes on the blog, it seems! On Wednesday, I shared the behind the scenes photos from my 2017 weddings and today I’m sharing some more outtakes! From our Christmas card photo shoot! 

Since getting a second dog, Miss Charlotte, Christmas card photos have gotten a lot more difficult. It’s hard enough to get one dog to look at the camera, let along two…at the same time. And this year we had the great idea of doing the photos at a park where there are lot’s of other dogs, people, wildlife, etc that is much more interesting to a dog than a camera. But after lot’s of patience and many many takes, we somehow end up with a winner! 

Shout out to Christy Nicole who met up with us for this photo swap! This was way better than doing the timer shot at home! And the greenery crown and collars are from my sweet friend, Courtney Inghram! So enjoy our 2017 Christmas card photo outtakes! 
Set them up…virginia-wedding-photographer-christmas-card-photo-outtakes-corgis-photo_2932.jpg
Then they immediately walk away. It didn’t help that there was some sort of critter running around in the bushes behind us that Charlotte couldn’t take her eyes off of! virginia-wedding-photographer-christmas-card-photo-outtakes-corgis-photo_2933.jpg
That RBF returns again! virginia-wedding-photographer-christmas-card-photo-outtakes-corgis-photo_2934.jpg
Henry: “OMG can we please just get this over with??”virginia-wedding-photographer-christmas-card-photo-outtakes-corgis-photo_2935.jpg
They’re really over it now. virginia-wedding-photographer-christmas-card-photo-outtakes-corgis-photo_2937.jpg
Ok, now they’re just looking away to spite us! virginia-wedding-photographer-christmas-card-photo-outtakes-corgis-photo_2938.jpg
Oh my goodness, Charlotte’s face! That girl has so much sass and personality! virginia-wedding-photographer-christmas-card-photo-outtakes-corgis-photo_2940.jpg
And we have a winner!! Happy Holidays from The Deyerles!! virginia-wedding-photographer-christmas-card-photo-outtakes-corgis-photo_2941.jpg

Check out our outtakes from last year here: 2016 Christmas Card Outtakes

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