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June 9, 2016

Cruising on the Carnival Vista!

mediterranean cruise on carnival vistaOh what I would give to be back on our home away from home cruising the blue seas of the Mediterranean again! This first post recapping our amazing European getaway is all about our fabulous vessel for our trip- the Carnival Vista! The Vista is actually a brand new boat! It was only completed a few weeks before we set sail! Cue the Titanic nightmares… But it was so much fun and the perfect way to get around Europe!

This was the 3rd cruise from Branden and I, which is a pretty low number compared to the rest of the serial cruisers out there! Cruises are just the best! Unlimited food, entertainment, games (Branden’s favorite part) and more! The Vista is the newest AND largest ship in the Carnival fleet, so that means it came with a lot more perks than we were used to! Things that you could never imagine could be on a cruise ship. Like a floating bicycle track on the top deck, an IMAX theater and even an actual brewery where they brew fresh beer! So cool! Coming back on board after a long day of sightseeing on land was the perfect way to unwind and relax. Whether we wanted to gamble at the casino, dance at the nightclub, watch a movie on the Lido deck or even play a game of foosball on the top deck- the options were endless! It was a pretty sad day when we had to leave this place that we called home for 10 days. We had such an amazing time and even made a lot of great friends along the way! Here’s a few pics of all the fun we had on board!mediterranean cruise on carnival vista A game of foosball on the top deck before dinner become a daily occurrence. mediterranean cruise on carnival vista mediterranean cruise on carnival vista mediterranean cruise on carnival vista Branden was in heaven with the endless amount of games he could play!mediterranean cruise on carnival vistaFunny story- one of Branden’s classmates actually booked this exact same cruise! What are the chances?! He and his wife, Brittany, just got married last month so this was their honeymoon! It was so fun to have some friends to hang out with every now and then! Plus it came in handy when we needed someone to take a picture of us! Formal nights are one of my favorite parts of cruises!mediterranean cruise on carnival vista How cool is this brewery?!mediterranean cruise on carnival vista And to make it even cooler, they hosted beer pong tournaments!mediterranean cruise on carnival vista Team MD (Jeff and Branden both just graduated from medical school before the trip) hailed victorious! mediterranean cruise on carnival vista Gah take me back to drinking freshly brewed beer on the Mediterranean! mediterranean cruise on carnival vista Studying up on craps before hitting the casino. The casino actually treated us very well on this trip- a nice surprise!mediterranean cruise on carnival vista Only on a cruise would you take a class to learn the choreography to Thriller! mediterranean cruise on carnival vistaAnother awesome thing about cruises- amazing sunsets every night!mediterranean cruise on carnival vista mediterranean cruise on carnival vista And of course there were plenty of iPhone pics and snapchats along the way!mediterranean cruise on carnival vista mediterranean cruise on carnival vista mediterranean cruise on carnival vista mediterranean cruise on carnival vista This was our first time doing a cruise on our own, so we weren’t sure what to expect when it came to who we would be seated with for dinner. But Carnival totally nailed it with our table mates! We got to sit with 3 other couples that were all our age and so awesome!! I loved getting to hang out with these guys every night of our cruise! Miss them already! And the window table didn’t hurt either!mediterranean cruise on carnival vista

Next week I’ll be recapping our time in Athens, Greece! Stay tuned!!

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  1. Sean B says:

    Great photos! My wife and I cruised on the Carnival Vista last week and had an amazing time. We were also very pleased they sat us at a table with people our age…we hit it off with them and really looked forward to dinner every night. The only complaint I had was that we didn’t have enough time to explore the amazing ship because we spent so much time doing excursions – a good problem to have!

  2. margie says:

    Was there a formal night on this cruise? If so, which night/s?

  3. […] just what the doctor ordered! This trip was a little different than our most recent trips (like our trip to Europe last Spring!) because there was no real plans or itinerary but to just relax and go with the flow. […]

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