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the comprehensive step-by-step system to
creating beautiful bridal detail images

You arrive on the wedding day full of excitement and ready to capture the day. You gather the bridal detail items and get ready to start shooting them. Then you draw a blank as you try to find a way to turn this pile of items into those Pinterest-worthy bridal detail images you've envisioned in your head.

You fumble with the items, struggling to come up with a pretty and balanced layout. Then you check the time and realize that somehow 30 minutes went by in what felt like 5 minutes. Yikes! So you settle for some photos that are good enough and now that excitement has turned into frustration and disappointment. Ugh, the worst.

Tell me if this sounds like you

Believe me, I know
how you feel.

I too have had plenty of weddings days where I felt like I spent more time struggling to arrange the bridal detail items than actually photographing them.

Trying to combine the shoes and the earrings and the rings and the invitation suite in a flat lay that looked professional and balanced while also reflecting the bride’s style was something that seemed simple and easy in theory, but in reality, was not.

This left me feeling frustrated, defeated and disappointed. Not exactly the best way to start a wedding day.

But what if I told you that there is a solution?

Would you believe that those days of frustration are long behind me and I now produce bridal detail images that I am proud of every single wedding and in half the time? 

And would you believe that the same can be true for you?

The key is to have a system.

A strategic repeatable workflow for how you approach bridal detail photos on a wedding day.

From the light you use to the steps you take when creating the invitation suite flat lay to the camera lenses and settings. 

If you have a game plan and are equipped with the skills and knowledge you need to properly photograph bridal detail items, then you can roll right into creating and photographing beautifully arranged bridal detail photos and skip over all the unnecessary fumbling and frustration.

When you simply try to wing it on a wedding day, you'll find yourself in a panic as you try to get creative with the pressure of the day breathing down your neck.

If you are trying to ‘figure it out as you go’ hoping that after some practice at a few weddings (or maybe more than a few) you’ll get the hang of it and eventually feel confident and comfortable with shooting bridal details, then you are doing it backwards, friend.

Instead, sharpen your skills and develop a game plan at home! Then go into your next wedding with all the tools you need to photograph the bridal details with creativity, efficiency and ease! 

The wedding day isn't where you rehearse. It's where you perform.

But why spend years trying to figure it out on your own?

The Bridal Details Photography System

I'm giving away all my secrets in this online course where I walk you through the entire process of creating bridal detail photos you love. All the way from prepping the bride before the wedding, shooting the details on the actual wedding day and even how to make your images more polished in Lightroom! I'm not leaving anything out!


The comprehensive step-by-step system for creating stunning bridal detail photos at every single wedding.

"This course FUNDAMENTALLY changed the way that I take detail photos!"


"Since my improvement after the course, I’ve been able to get more inquiries and attract more detail oriented clients! I seriously did NOT know what I was doing before, but this course left me with a system that helps me make quick decisions even with little time in wedding days! Audrey LOVES her students and does the most for them. You need to just do it and see the results for yourself!!"

Setting Yourself Up For Success

An important piece of the equation to creating beautiful bridal detail photos lies in the things you do long before the wedding. 


Building a Styling Kit - Why you need one, what should be in it and how to build it without breaking the bank.

Preparing Yourself - How to prepare yourself so that you're ready to tackle the wedding day.

Preparing Your Bride - How to educate and inspire your bride so that you always have all the items you need for detail photos. Plus, my email templates for correspondence regarding bridal details!

Day Of Tips - Things to do on the actual wedding day to make photographing bridal details easier on you.

Troubleshooting - How to deal with the curve balls you may come across.

Shooting the Details

In this jam-packed module, we're covering the workflow for shooting bridal details and how to arrange and shoot each item.


Lights, camera, action! - How to find the best light, choose the right lens and adjust your camera settings.

The invitation suite layout - How to create a balanced and aesthetically pleasing invitation suite flat lay.

Styling items and florals - How to incorporate your styling items and loose florals to enhance your photos.

The ring shot - My fool-proof method for nailing the ring shots.

Dealing with minimal items - How to create a full bridal details gallery with just a few items.

Keeping everything in focus - How to shoot at 1.8 (or lower) and still keep everything in focus. Say what??

And wayyyyy more that I don't have room to list here!

Video Demonstrations

Then you get to watch me implement all the steps and strategies you learned in Module 2


See the entire workflow in action - Watch me shoot an entire set of bridal details from start to finish.

Hear my thoughts - Get inside my head as I narrate what I'm doing and why I'm doing it.

See the resulting gallery - Scroll through the gallery of images that were produced in the demonstration.

Additional demos - Plus, additional video demonstrations on specific topics like how to stack rings, arrange different types of shoes and earrings, and work with different invitation suites.


Now that you know how to photograph the bridal detail items, I then go into showing you how to fix the common issues you'll come across in Lightroom.


6 editing tricks - I'm sharing 6 common issues you'll run into with bridal detail photos and how to fix them in Lightroom. Issues like uneven lighting, color tints, dull diamonds and more.

Watch me fix them! - See me apply these fixes to a few images in Lightroom.

Professional and polished images - These tweaks will ensure that your images are professional and polished.

Real Wedding Footage

Watch me shoot bridal details from start to finish at 3 REAL weddings!


See my workflow in real life - Watch me apply my bridal details system on actual wedding days with commentary on everything I'm doing.

Overcoming obstacles - See how I overcome obstacles like running an hour behind schedule, working with a videographer and photographing invitations with the wrong wedding date (#covid).

Blog post & final gallery - Plus additional commentary on the resulting galleries and blog posts from each of these weddings.

Blogging Workflow

Now that you have your Pinterest-worthy bridal detail images, I didn't want to leave you hanging! The way you display your images online has a huge impact on how they are perceived.


Optimize your images for your website - How to make sure your images are the appropriate dimension and size for your blog.

Image pairings, order and dimensions - How to arrange and pair the images so that your blog post appears high end and editorial.

Watch my workflow - Watch me blog a set of bridal detail images and hear my thought process as I pair and arrange the images.

Images appear more professional! - These strategic steps and methods for blogging your images will make them appear more high end and professional, which will grab the attention of future brides! 

Bonus Lessons!

Plus, an additional module that contains bonus lessons!


Groom's Details - How to photograph groom's details in a way that reflects his style but is also consistent with the rest of the bridal detail photos. 

Micro Weddings - How to photograph bridal details at micro-weddings where you have little-to-no time for detail photos. These couples deserve to have their details beautifully captured as well!


In addition to those 6 modules that contain more than 7 hours of video lessons, you'll also get immediate access to these goodies!

Even more goodies!

A 40+ page workbook that outlines the entire course and includes homework action items for each module!


Links to all the resources mentioned in the course. Styling items, software, camera equipment and more!


Access to the exclusive Facebook group where you can get your questions answered and share your wins! 


Easy access to all past live Q&A recordings right inside the course for easy viewing!


All students get exclusive discounts on styling items from these brands! Rollable styling mats, hand-dyed silk ribbon and more!

AH! I flew through the course because it was SO good! Seriously I felt like I was watching the best binge-worthy Netflix series!!! 


As I took the course I was blown away with how much valuable, game changing information was included and I learned so much and took pages of notes along the way! I even spent a few hours the next day practicing detail shots with my own styling kit, wedding rings, and my old wedding invite and was shocked at how much my detail images had evolved since diving into this course! Seriously, mind blown. 

But are bridal detail photos really that important?

In short, yes.
Having the skills and knowledge to create stunning bridal detail photos at every single wedding is going to do so much for your business.


You'll exceed your bride's expectations sending her raving to her friends about you.

I know this because it's what happened to me

You'll start the wedding day on a high after your crush the bridal detail photos.

You'll finally get your weddings published! Publications love strong detail photos.

You'll attract and book more brides with your Pinterest-worthy detail photos.

You'll be able to charge more for your services. Better photos = higher prices!

You'll impress the other vendors which will get you on preferred vendor lists.

Images were not consistent or cohesive

Here's what my detail photos used to look like...

Always felt rushed and frustrated 

Wasn't attracting my ideal client

Couldn't raise my prices

Was getting denied by publications

No game plan- was always winging it

Now, let's fast forward to today

Only takes me 30 minutes to get everything I need

And here's what they
look like now!

Entire details gallery is consistent and cohesive

Finally started booking my ideal clients

More than quadrupled my prices

Have been published in magazines and major blogs

Listed on many preferred vendor lists


"After completing this course, bridal details are now hands down my favorite part of the wedding day to photograph! The investment is well worth it!"




"This course FUNDAMENTALLY changed the way that I take detail photos! Since the course, I’ve been able to get more inquiries and attract more detail oriented clients!"





"If you struggle, like I did, with creating those beautiful magazine worth wedding details images then, hands down, you need this course!!!"




" I used to struggle with my detail shots and now I have the confidence to go into a wedding day and start it on a high note! You must do this course!"




"No longer will I panic with details or feel like the gallery of bridal images lacks variety. You'll only regret not doing this course sooner!"




"Audrey’s system was a life saver this year!! With 2020’s trend of mini weddings, Audrey’s system allowed me to keep details in my bride’s shortened timelines!"



"My husband and I are beyond thrilled to have beautiful photographs of our important wedding day details. Many hours were spent picking the flowers, stationary, accessories, and family heirlooms, and we are so glad to have images to look back on and to remember those important elements that continue to mean so much to us. Every detail was carefully thought out and each image of these details perfectly captures the theme and spirit of our wedding day and our marriage. I will always treasure these images and often think of them when I remember our wedding day."


Real bride


"As a wedding planner, I see how much time and effort our couples put into the small details, so they should be captured on the wedding day, just like the bigger moments. Each detail is what makes their day so special. I can't tell you how many of our couples are grateful to have the images that include their jewelry, stationery, shoes, rings, and the finer details captured by their photographers. When they get that gallery in hand that includes everything from the finer details to the larger ones, it brings the planning process and the wedding day, full-circle!"


Wedding Co of Williamsburg


"I absolutely love looking back at our album and the very first photos I see are the beautifully captured details images! Not only do they set the tone for how amazing our day was but they also demonstrate all of the months we spent planning and nailing down those details so why not show them off?! Audrey is amazing at this and has such a great eye for doing so - we can’t thank her enough because details DO matter!"


Real Bride


"As a planner, I work for months to help my clients curate a wedding that is truly reflective of THEM, not just what Pinterest says is trending. The beauty, and so often, the deeply personalized moments are found in the details. Whether it's a grandmothers brooch worked into a bouquet, a surprise message embroidered inside a suit jacket, or the personalized touches that we designed into the stationary's emblem...I want my couples to look back and be able to see those seemingly small (but so significant) things captured in a beautiful way. Ultimately the goal of a good photographer is to tell the story of the wedding, and I love when the whole story is told beautifully." 


Simply Perfect Events


"I cannot say enough about how special the bridal details photos ended up being to me! Capturing all the little details from the day in those images and being able to look back at them now truly is wonderful. Audrey did such a great job making sure I had everything I needed for these photos ahead of time and on the day she did them so quickly, effortlessly, and beautifully. They are some of the first images in my wedding day album and I am so glad we have them!"


Real Bride


"It’s all in the details! A saying that is really common in our line of work. The tiniest of details to the biggest, all brought our couples to this day. That invitation they sent to their guests sets the tone. The shoes and jewelry that they carefully picked out. The perfume they chose to wear, that with every time they put it on after, it reminds them of their wedding day. The details are important. They are a culmination of what led to this beautiful day!"  


Jamie Leigh Events


"I've never seen anything else like it. She gives everything away in this course. I had countless "AHA!" moments! 


Audrey manages to break down one of the most difficult and frustrating parts of the wedding day into easy steps, while providing demonstrations, and helpful tricks all along the way. I felt like she was sitting right next to me, explaining everything! If you struggle at all with any aspect of shooting bridal details-from educating your brides to feeling like the layout is always wrong- this course is for you."

A systematic workflow that allows you to shoot bridal details efficiently and creatively.

How to create an invitation suite flat lay that is balanced and aesthetically pleasing -  no matter what.

How to photograph details in a way that showcases that wedding's unique style.

How to build your portfolio with images that will attract your ideal brides and allow you to raise your prices.

How to create a full bridal details gallery when you only have a few items to work with.

How to arrange and photograph tricky items like rings, shoes, invitations and jewelry.

How to produce Pinterest-worthy bridal detail images at every single wedding - not just the 'pretty' ones!


So is this course for you?



Let's break down the value...
- 5+ hours of video lessons. $875 value
- 2.5+ hours BTS footage & commentary. $175 value
- 45-page Course workbook. $75 value
- Resource guide and exclusive discounts. $45 value
- Bonus lessons. $95 value
- Access to exclusive Facebook group. $95 value
- Live Q&A’s + past Q&A recordings. $175 value

Total value: $1535

How much does it cost?


But you can get lifetime access to the entire program for just $357!!

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What People Are Saying

"What can I say?! This course FUNDAMENTALLY changed the way that I take detail photos and think about them! Since my improvement after the course, I’ve been able to get more inquiries and attract more detail oriented clients! I seriously did NOT know what I was doing before, but this course left me with a system that helps me make quick decisions even with little time in wedding days! Audrey LOVES her students and does the most for them. You need to just do it and see the results for yourself!!"


Sarah & Josh Photography


"I'm not a natural when it comes to styling. Details and aesthetics are a challenge for me. It all seems very complicated. Part of the problem is that I have never been taught design principles. That's where Audrey's course comes in. Audrey does a great job teaching steps to create beautiful detail shots. She incorporates design elements, she teaches why things work, and she explains carefully how to make a beautiful photo, whether your couple has given you a box full of details, or just a couple of elements. This course has helped me grow so much and has given me so much more confidence when I photograph weddings and events! If you are frustrated with your detail shots, this course will help you understand not only how to make great detail photos, but why they work."


Cara Parker Photography


"Styling details on wedding days has always been my weak point. I always struggled with creativity especially when I have to style the details is a short amount of time. When Audrey announced her styling course, I KNEW I had to hop on board. When I took the course, there were so many "ah-ha" moments! Audrey literally walks you through her styling process. To see how she thinks through her styling process has helped so much! I love that her course also has an easy to follow "shot list". I've practically memorized the different variety of shots I can get with shoes, flowers, and rings and it makes the styling process so much quicker when I'm shooting a wedding! If you struggle, like I did, with creating those beautiful magazine worth wedding details images then, hands down, you need this course!!!"


Michael & Jasmine Photography


"Audrey’s course is worth every penny!!! I learned how to arrange details with a high-end final result, how to move quickly and get a large variety of compositions and now finding great light is a no brainer! Her bonus modules are so good too!! She includes blogging curation and editing troubleshooting and I use her tips on every wedding now!! Oh! And she is the absolute SWEETEST!! She has been quick to respond to any question I have! Her course is the most in-depth bridal details course I have ever taken, if you are considering investing in her course, do it!! It has been a game changer in my business! "


Loni Carroll Photography


"I can't say enough great things about this course. I've never seen anything else like it. She gives everything away in this course. I had countless "AHA!" moments! Audrey manages to break down one of the most difficult and frustrating parts of the wedding day into easy steps, while providing demonstrations, and helpful tricks all along the way. I felt like she was sitting right next to me, explaining everything! If you struggle at all with any aspect of shooting bridal details-from educating your brides to feeling like the layout is always wrong- this course is for you."


Katie Gallagher Photography


"Audrey holds no secrets back in this course. I’ve been photographing bridal details for years and learned SO many tips and tricks that will help elevate my bridal details!! She provides strategic steps and questions for you to think about so you’re intentionally styling. No longer will I panic with details or feel like the gallery of bridal images lack variety. Not only does Audrey teach you how to style the details but she gives you all the editing and blogging tips you need to set you up for success!! I am so excited to use all of this knowledge in my weddings and finally be super proud of my detail shots. If you’re unsure if this course is for you but you know you have room to grow with bridal detail shots, don’t hesitate. This is for you!"


Sarah Botta Photography


"This course is a game changer! Audrey holds nothing back as she shares all of her tips and tricks for capturing every type of dreamy bridal detail. From nailing focus, finding the best light, and producing a wide variety of images in every scenario, this is the course you NEED to take your detail shots to the next level! Her bridal details photography system has made me feel more confident going into wedding days knowing that I will be able to capture consistent detail shots that I’m proud of no matter what! Thank you, Audrey!"


Marybeth Marlow Photography


"I am blown away by this course! It is so evident that Audrey poured her heart into the course and deeply prepared for it. I knew Audrey was the Bridal Details Queen and obviously it is a bridal details course, but I had no idea there was that much detail to it! I had so many light bulb moments! From the email templates, to every detail explained to actually seeing her shooting the details along with hearing your thought process, the editing demonstrations, to seeing it come full circle with her showing exactly she blogs and pair images - She covered literally everything!! And I can especially a-test this since I have seen her actually doing this on wedding days as her second shooter!"


Brooke Waldroup Photography


"This course was such a great investment for my photography business! I had no clue where to start with shooting bridal details. I always admired top named photographers for their bridal detail shots looking so beautiful and put together. I didn't even know where to begin with trying to accomplish that look. I would take shots of the bride's details and try to incorporate them together, but I felt like it was never good enough. This course gave me the education and the thought process needed to accomplish those shots. Audrey really did teach everything about bridal details from 8 weeks before the wedding to post processing! The amount of education you receive from this course is insane! The video demonstrations were a great added touch for someone like me who is a hands on and visual learner. I really recommend this course!"


Moments By Cassandra


Yes! Whether you've photographed 100 weddings or have yet to shoot your first wedding, you will benefit from this course! You'll need a DSLR and be comfortable shooting manual to apply the strategies outlined this course, but other than that, that's all you need!


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how long do i have access to the course? will it expire?

Yes! I will 100% be available to answer your questions! The Facebook group is a great place to ask questions so that everyone else in the course can benefit from the feedback! I'll also be hopping in the Facebook group doing live Q&A's to answer your questions!

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'Wedding Photographer' was never my answer to 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' What started as a hobby, very quickly turned into a full blown business. Before I knew it, I was leaving my 9-5 corporate job as a Software Developer to be a full-time wedding photographer. And now I can't imagine it any other way! I get to be a part of so many amazing couple's wedding days while also having the flexibility to spend time with my husband, baby boy and two corgi pups. Getting to share what I've learned on my business journey with other photographers really lights my fire and brings me so much joy! 

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