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December 11, 2018

Holiday Home Decor Tour

virginia-wedding-photographer-holiday-party-photo_6808.jpgIt’s the most wonderful time of the year! And with that comes my favorite version of our home- when it’s decked out for Christmas!! There’s just something so magical about a lit tree in the corner of the room. It can brighten up any dreary day! 

And everything is a little extra special this year for us with our little babe on the way! Pulling out all the Christmas decor, I can help but think about how our Sweet Baby James will be here when we are putting it away! And that he’ll be helping us put it up when we pull it out next year! I hear that Christmas is even more magical with kids, so I am really looking forward to that! But also savoring this last Christmas where it’s just the two of us and the pups!

Our holiday decor hasn’t changed too much since we moved into this house, but I figured it was time for an updated tour! I always find myself making little subtle tweaks each year. And you won’t be too surprised to see the color scheme I’ve gone with! All the neutrals! Honestly, I didn’t really start out with a theme or color palette in mind. I just pick the things I like and that go together! I think I’ve ended up with a natural and somewhat rustic theme! 

This blog post is actually a two-for-one as I’m also recapping my 4th annual Audrey Rose Brides Holiday Party from this past weekend! Keep scrolling to see all the pretty and fun! 
Lanterns from Hobby Lobby. christmas-decor-southern-neutral-wedding-photographer-photo_6783.jpg
The coziest spot in the house!christmas-decor-southern-neutral-wedding-photographer-photo_6784.jpg
I can’t remember where everything is from, but here’s what I do remember! Pillow, tree collar, gold reindeer, gold candlesticks- Home goods | bead garland, gray stocking, white wrapping paper, tree star – Target | white and brown stockings, metal tins | Hobby Lobbychristmas-decor-southern-neutral-wedding-photographer-photo_6786.jpgWe added one extra stocking this year for little James!christmas-decor-southern-neutral-wedding-photographer-photo_6787.jpg
christmas-decor-southern-neutral-wedding-photographer-photo_6789.jpgOne of my favorite things to decorate with is the free tree trimmings from Christmas tree lots! I get a whole 5-gallon-bucket worth is use them all over! In metal tins on the fireplace and porch and as a cute little accent on the presents! 
I noticed this year that I have a TON of reindeer throughout our decor! That really wasn’t on purpose! I just kept finding ones I liked each year! christmas-decor-southern-neutral-wedding-photographer-photo_6791.jpg
I promise they love the holidays too! Just maybe not their sweaters…christmas-decor-southern-neutral-wedding-photographer-photo_6792.jpg
And now for the holiday party recap! Each year, I host a holiday party for my couples! It’s a great way to stay in touch with them long after their wedding and for them to meet each other in person! The timing of this year’s party was unfortunate as a lot of the area was covered in several inches of snow that day! So we had a smaller, but equally fun, gathering this year! virginia-wedding-photographer-holiday-party-photo_6795.jpg
virginia-wedding-photographer-holiday-party-photo_6796.jpgThis party is basically an excuse for me to make all my favorite foods! 
We’ve had this mimosa bar at each party! virginia-wedding-photographer-holiday-party-photo_6799.jpg
So many of my couples are starting families this year!! Loved having Charlie Elle and Aubrey June join us this year! virginia-wedding-photographer-holiday-party-photo_6801.jpg
And some phone pics! The dogs got some much needed baby practice! virginia-wedding-photographer-holiday-party-photo_6803.jpg
So far, Henry is the most interested in the babies. Charlotte kept a safe 5 foot radius from them! virginia-wedding-photographer-holiday-party-photo_6805.jpg
I guess you could say there were technically 3 babies present! virginia-wedding-photographer-holiday-party-photo_6806.jpg
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  1. Renee Weyant says:

    How ridiculously cute is your home!!! I love it. You did an amazing job decorating, Aubrey!

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