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May 25, 2017

Home Office Tour

home-office-nuetral-decor-craftsman-home-photo_0321.jpgSince starting my business I have never had a designated office space, or even area, for doing work. My ‘office’ was the couch, the dining room table, the bedroom, wherever. And I can’t really complain about working from the couch, but sometimes I just really craved a designated space for work where I could really focus and be productive. Not to mention, an actual place to put my photography equipment would be nice instead of having it sprawled all over the living room 24-7! So when we bought our first home last year, I was so excited to turn the 3rd bedroom into an actual home office!

When we first moved in, a lot of other house projects took precedence first. New deck, living room, dining room, etc. So once the downstairs was completed, we started working on the upstairs! The biggest hurdle was going through all the boxes that we hadn’t touched since we moved in! So much junk! One of the quirks of an old house like ours is the limited storage space, so there was no hiding all that junk! It had to go! So once that was done, we got to work! Painting, furnishing- the works! 

It should come as no surprise that the color palette for this room is completely neutral. Like it’s almost comical that there is ZERO color in this room- not even in the pictures in the frames! I promise that it’s not on purpose, my taste just always lends to earth tones! This room is super tiny and there is no closet. So it’s basically just a glorified closet itself! I wanted the office to be simple and not cluttered. So the only pieces of furniture I wanted in there was a desk, chair and dresser for storage. It’s all I really need and the room doesn’t feel too crowded.

The first thing I looked for was a desk. Finding the perfect white desk is no joke. I wanted something simple and with plenty of leg room. So when I found this one on Wayfair, it was the perfect fit! And it was actually wayyy bigger in person that I thought it would be! But I’m certainly not complaining! It’s a great focal point for the room! The next thing I was on the hunt for was a fiddle leaf fig! I have been trying to get my hands on a gorgeous fig ever since we moved in and I finally found TWO (for the bedroom and office) at Anderson’s in Newport News! After that, the whole plant lady thing got a little out of control… So I know have 5 different plants in my office alone. I even have a chart on my computer so I can remember when they’ve been watered! It’s a bit of a problem…

So now that I’ve completed my office, I wanted to take you on a little tour! It’s very simple, just like I wanted it to be. And much to my surprise, I’ve actually really enjoyed working in it! I was afraid that I would miss the couch too much and end up not using it, but it has actually served it’s purpose very well! I find that I can really crank out work when I’m in a space that is just meant for work! So here is my simple and humble home office!
home-office-nuetral-decor-craftsman-home-photo_0306.jpgHaving a swivel chair was also a must. That plus the leg room of the desk give my antsy self plenty of room to move!
I prefer a very simple and uncluttered design. So I wasn’t sure what to do with this big bare wall. Then I found this massive mirror on Wayfair that was just perfect! It makes the room feel bigger and brings extra light into the space! Plus it reflects the magnolia tree in the front yard, so I get a lovely view of it on both sides! home-office-nuetral-decor-craftsman-home-photo_0308.jpg
Having this dresser for storage has been such a game changer for me! No more piles of boxes with all the my stationary, client gift supplies and photo equipment! home-office-nuetral-decor-craftsman-home-photo_0309.jpg
I told my husband that he is allowed to write me love notes on this letter board, but I don’t think he’ll take the bait. Oh well! home-office-nuetral-decor-craftsman-home-photo_0310.jpg
You may remember a few weeks back when I did a poll asking which photos I should choose to hang in my office! Well, these were the winners! You may also remember that the original frames I ordered arrived completely shattered in the mail! But it worked out for the best, because I actually like these Target ones better and they were way cheaper!home-office-nuetral-decor-craftsman-home-photo_0311.jpg
It’s amazing the difference a simple curtain can make in a room. These light textured curtains make the room feel so cozy!home-office-nuetral-decor-craftsman-home-photo_0312.jpg
Meet my new assistant, Charlotte! Her skills include licking feet, leaving hair behind on everything she touches and melting your heart with her puppy face!home-office-nuetral-decor-craftsman-home-photo_0313.jpg
Now that I work in this office instead of on the couch downstairs, under the desk has become their new hangout spot. You’ve probably heard their nylon bone chewing skills in the background of my instagram videos! Gotta love em!home-office-nuetral-decor-craftsman-home-photo_0314.jpg
Can you tell how thrilled Henry is for these pictures??home-office-nuetral-decor-craftsman-home-photo_0315.jpg
Whereas Miss Charlotte loves the opportunity to be the center of attention!home-office-nuetral-decor-craftsman-home-photo_0316.jpg
Give me allll the trendy plants! home-office-nuetral-decor-craftsman-home-photo_0317.jpg
This little ceiling fan is tiny but mighty! Just what I needed for those warm days when the upstairs feels like a sauna! home-office-nuetral-decor-craftsman-home-photo_0320.jpg
I always tell people that when you move to a new place, take pictures of each room before you move in so you can see the before and after! Well, I really dropped the ball on photographing the upstairs before we moved in. So all I have to use for a before and after photo are these lovely dark cell phone pictures that I took when we first looked at the house!home-office-nuetral-decor-craftsman-home-photo_0322.jpg

So that’s my home office! Hope you enjoyed the tour! And here’s a list of where I got everything from! 

Desk, chair, mirror, dresser, ceiling fan | Wayfair

Rug, plant stand | HomeGoods

Frames, planters | Target

Letter board, plant hanger | Amazon


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