March 2, 2017

The Importance of Sunset Portraits

importance-of-sunset-portraits-on-your-wedding-day-photo_7902.jpgWith wedding season on the horizon, I’ve started the process of discussing timeline and details with my 2017 brides. And one of the conversations I always start early on in the process is that of scheduling in time for sunset portraits on the wedding day. For the brides that are getting married between May and October, that often means having to step out of the reception for these photos. But let me tell you the reasons why it is so worth it! importance-of-sunset-portraits-on-your-wedding-day-photo_7903.jpgThe Light. So the main reason for doing this is, of course, the light. It’s no secret that the closer to sunset it is, the better the light! It is low and directional, soft and golden! This is the time where we’ll be able to get those soft and glowy images! importance-of-sunset-portraits-on-your-wedding-day-photo_7904.jpg Another reason why this is important is because there are some locations that we simply can’t photograph at until this time of day. Chances are that when you picked your wedding venue, there was a particular scenic spot that you dreamed of using for your wedding photos. Maybe it’s a lake, or the beach or a big wide open field. The problem with shooting on the water or in a wide open space is that when the sun is high and bright during the earlier hours of the day, it is simply too bright to shoot in a location like this. Especially the water locations because the sun will reflect off the water causing the whole background of the image to be over-exposed. So by scheduling time for sunset portraits, we can get those dreamy photos at these scenic locations when the light is nice and soft! importance-of-sunset-portraits-on-your-wedding-day-photo_7905.jpgExtra alone time. Wedding days can often be crazy and chaotic. While they are certainly full of so much joy and excitement, it is also a large gathering of people which can sometimes be overwhelming! Stepping out of your reception for a few minutes for sunset portraits gives you some time to escape the party and spend a little alone time with your new spouse! This while likely be the first bit of alone time you’ve had with them since tying the knot! I always notice that couples seem to take a much needed deep breath together during their sunset portrait time. And they usually can’t keep their hands off each other once it dawns on them that they are married now!! importance-of-sunset-portraits-on-your-wedding-day-photo_7906.jpg Backup portrait time. Your portraits with your new spouse are the most important pictures from your wedding day! They are the ones that will be hung on the wall and shown to future generations! So you’ll want to do all you can to ensure you get plenty of beautiful portraits from your wedding day! But it shouldn’t come as a surprise that wedding days don’t always run perfectly smooth. The timeline falls behind, it starts raining suddenly (especially in Virginia!), you name it! So it’s all too easy for that 45 minutes of portrait time that we scheduled earlier in the day to disappear! Yikes! So by having those sunset portraits already worked into the schedule, you are sure to have another opportunity to take photos! This is especially helpful on rainy days because even if it rains during your earlier portrait time, there’s a chance it won’t be raining during the sunset portrait time!! And you can actually get some really dramatic glow in a post-storm sunset!importance-of-sunset-portraits-on-your-wedding-day-photo_7907.jpg importance-of-sunset-portraits-on-your-wedding-day-photo_7908.jpgSo I hope this convinces you of the importance of working some sunset portrait time into your schedule, even if that means have to leave your reception for a few minutes! And be sure to start this conversation early with your photographer AND planner so that you can work it into the timeline in a way that runs smoothly! 

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