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January 22, 2019

Neutral Nursery Tour

neutral-baby-nursery-home-decor-inspiration-tour-photo_6821.jpgFile this post under one of the many things I intended to have done before our sweet boy’s arrival. I actually photographed the nursery a few hours before I went into the hospital thinking I would be able to blog it the following day! But fate had other plans! If you want to hear my birth story, check out this post! But I finally had a chance to edit the photos and get this post up like I promised you guys!

This was the final room in the house that we put together. And it was definitely my favorite room to design! When we were shopping for houses 3 years ago, we always kept in mind that we’d need a good room to eventually turn into a nursery! And that was the plan for this room from the first time we saw the house. But for the first 2 years that we lived in this house, it was the junk room. I kid you not, you couldn’t even walk in the room because of all the boxes and junk! It was basically where we put everything that we didn’t have room for elsewhere or didn’t know what to do with. The one downside to living in a 100-year-old home is the lack of storage space! So as soon as we got pregnant, we knew we needed to get to work right away to ensure we had the room ready in time! Getting the room cleared out was definitely more than half the battle!

But after a few months and putting a lot of stuff at the curb, the room was empty and ready to be filled! Starting with a clean slate was so refreshing! We gave the room a fresh coat of paint and then started buying the staple items. When I’m designing a room, I like to start with the big items and work my way towards the smaller decorative items. So we started with the crib, dresser and nursing chair. Then moved onto the smaller and decorative items.

It should come as no surprise that the color scheme for the room is neutral! People kept asking me what color I was going have the nursery be. If you have to ask me that question, then you don’t know me very well. I went with warm neutral tones for this room. Warm wood tones, taupe and white. I love how the room turned out! Definitely my favorite room in the house! And since I’ve actually been using the room for a month now, I can comment on how the room is working out!

Here is the before after we cleared out all the junk!
Time to paint! The color we used is Willow Springs by Olympic. Same as in my office!neutral-baby-nursery-home-decor-inspiration-tour-photo_6824.jpg
And after! neutral-baby-nursery-home-decor-inspiration-tour-photo_6825.jpg
This chair was a bit of a splurge, but I can now say that it was worth every penny! It’s really comfy and the electronic recline is so nice! It’s really nice to be able to recline just a little bit if I want to. Instead of having to be either completely reclined or completely upright. And it’s not so bad to look at! neutral-baby-nursery-home-decor-inspiration-tour-photo_6826.jpg
I wasn’t sure how to handle this little indent in the wall here. So I decided to put some shelves in the recessed part of the wall to help fill it in. I actually just made these shelves myself! Bought some cheap wood from Lowes, had them cut it to the width I wanted, then sanded, stained and sealed it myself. I used the same technique, stain and seal as I did for our dining room table. We hung the shelves with these floating shelf rods. neutral-baby-nursery-home-decor-inspiration-tour-photo_6829.jpg
Love how our maternity photos with Sarah Street look on the shelves! We also included photos of James’ namesakes. Branden’s grandfather, James Allen, and my grandfather, James.neutral-baby-nursery-home-decor-inspiration-tour-photo_6830.jpg
I can now say that having a table next to your nursing chair with all the necessities at arm’s reach is crucial! Books to read, burp cloths, chapstick, snacks, etc. neutral-baby-nursery-home-decor-inspiration-tour-photo_6833.jpg
On to the other side of the room! This is actually the view from our bedroom. It’s really nice to have a door that connects the rooms!neutral-baby-nursery-home-decor-inspiration-tour-photo_6835.jpg
These blinds cost a small fortune, but they really do a great job of blocking out the light! And they are gorgeous! The color we got is Sisal Twist Banana Leaf.  neutral-baby-nursery-home-decor-inspiration-tour-photo_6839.jpg
When looking for artwork to hang above the crib, I wanted to be sure to pick something that Branden liked too. So we sat down one day and looked through dozens of watercolor graphics on Etsy. I wanted something more minimalistic and he wanted something more realistic. And we thought these were right in the middle! It was the panda on the bottom left that drew me to this set- he’s just so cute!neutral-baby-nursery-home-decor-inspiration-tour-photo_6840.jpg
Remember the story of Shacky?neutral-baby-nursery-home-decor-inspiration-tour-photo_6842.jpg
And I always love to at the before and after photos next to each other. It’s so satisfying!neutral-baby-nursery-home-decor-inspiration-tour-photo_6845.jpg

Crib | Nursing chairDresser | RugLamp | BenchChanging basket | Diaper pailBlindsCurtainsCurtain rods | Hamper | Crib skirt | Olive stems | Macrame plant holder | Animal prints | Bookshelves | Frames, pillows – Homegoods & Target | Side table, mirror – Homegoods   


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