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February 27, 2019

Sweet Baby James | Month 2

sweet-baby-james-month-2-photo_6900.jpgThey weren’t kidding when they said to cherish every day with your baby because they grow so fast!! In just a month, our floppy newborn has turned into a real baby! He’s noticing the world around him, growing like a weed and flashing us the sweetest smiles! It’s really fascinating to watch him grow and change each day. I often find myself scrolling through the many pictures of him in my phone in disbelief over how much he’s changed. He doesn’t even look like the same baby we brought home from the hospital! All these changes are so bittersweet as it’s going by too fast, but I also look forward to the new developments that each day will bring!

Here’s an update on Sweet Baby James’ second month of life! 

  • So how are we doing? I’d say it’s still just as exhausting, but easier in that we are getting used to it and developing a routine. And when I say we, I really mean I, as Branden is still working 80-hour weeks which leaves me riding solo most the time. So while I still can only manage to get one to-do list item accomplished per day, I do feel a little less overwhelmed as I get used to this new way of life! 
  • My favorite part about this last month has been James’ smiles!! Each week he flashes us his adorable smile more and more and it gives me life!! We haven’t found a foolproof way to get him to smile just yet, but he does seem to like raspberry kisses on his cheeks! I could do it all day! 
  • James is growing like a weed! And I can’t help but feel proud of myself as the pediatrician was surprised that we haven’t given him any formula because of how much he’s grown! I feel really lucky to not have any issues with supply and breastfeeding, as I know that’s not the case for everyone. And little guy’s head is still hanging out at 95th percentile! 
  • My one complaint about this past month had to be nighttime sleep. I’m pretty sure I jinxed myself in my one month post when I said he had been sleeping well. Literally the next day his nighttime sleep became very irregular. Some night it’s 3-hour stretches and some nights it’s up every hour. The 4-5 hour stretches now only happen once every blue moon. I can’t deny that’s it been really frustrating to not be where I thought we would be at this point in terms of sleep. Especially since Branden is now working night shifts leaving me to do nights on my own. So I’m just trying to be patient and trust that we’re doing everything right and he’ll eventually be able to go longer stretches. Fingers crossed!
  • Something we started doing this past month is a bedtime routine which starts with James’ favorite part of the day- bathtime! It’s so cute to see how much he loves splashing in the tub! 
  • Leaving the house is still seldom, but doesn’t feel quite as daunting anymore as we get the hang of it. It’s amazing how going out for lunch or meeting up with friends can make you feel like a real person again after being on house arrest for 2 months! 
  • Branden and I actually had our first date night this month since James’ arrival! My mom came over to watch him while we went out for dinner and drinks! I’ll be honest that I was surprised at how I felt leaving him for the first time. I was pretty much an emotional wreck for the first hour or so of the night. It wasn’t until I got a text update from my mom that I started to relax. It’s amazing how much I missed him only being away a few hours!


And now for all the baby cuteness!! He’s just so cute it kills me!
Loves bathtime! But HATES being taken out of the tub! sweet-baby-james-month-2-photo_6906.jpg
I actually did my hair and makeup so we could get a few pictures with him in the nursery but he would NOT wake up! Oh well! He’s just as cute when he’s sleeping! sweet-baby-james-month-2-photo_6908.jpg
We loved having a few unseasonably warm days to enjoy some outside time!sweet-baby-james-month-2-photo_6913.jpg
He’s still a little too young to do the photos on his belly, but it sure is cute to see him try! sweet-baby-james-month-2-photo_6914.jpg
Oh, my heart!sweet-baby-james-month-2-photo_6917.jpg
Paint me like one of your French girls! sweet-baby-james-month-2-photo_6918.jpg
Nailed it! sweet-baby-james-month-2-photo_6919.jpg
And a few of the many phone pics from the last month!sweet-baby-james-month-2-photo_6924.jpg
Baby shower for Branden’s coworker, also named Audrey. She delivered James! sweet-baby-james-month-2-photo_6925.jpg
Poor guy has no choice but to like golf! sweet-baby-james-month-2-photo_6926.jpg
Love my little man! sweet-baby-james-month-2-photo_6927.jpg
Our first walk in the neighborhood with James! sweet-baby-james-month-2-photo_6928.jpg
The pitiful, but kinda cute, face I wake up to so many times each night. And the sweetest gaze up at his Uncle Pete!sweet-baby-james-month-2-photo_6929.jpg
The first smile I caught on camera! sweet-baby-james-month-2-photo_6930.jpg
An outing to Top Golf with friends!sweet-baby-james-month-2-photo_6931.jpg
Instagram filters on a baby are just the cutest!sweet-baby-james-month-2-photo_6933.jpg
Our first date night as parents!sweet-baby-james-month-2-photo_6934.jpg
Feeling fancy at The Cavalier Hotelsweet-baby-james-month-2-photo_6935.jpg
Our newest dinner buddy. And buying a pair of ‘transitional’ jeans until my pre-pregnancy jeans fit again!sweet-baby-james-month-2-photo_6936.jpg

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    I love reading your blog and seeing how happy you all are. I about spit my water when I saw your caption “paint me like one of your French girls”. LOVE IT!

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