July 3, 2017

Weekend Update

fort-monroe-hampton-va-engagement-photo_0839.jpgHow is it already July??!! Summer is officially in full swing and it looks the heat has come with it too! July is a special month for me because it is my birthday AND wedding anniversary month! This month I’ll be turning 27 and celebrating 5 years of marriage! At what point are we no longer newlyweds?? We’re practically an old married couple now! I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend! Here’s a few thoughts and happenings from mine!

  • Our 5 year wedding anniversary is in 2 weeks, but this past Saturday was the only day we both had off to celebrate it together. So I surprised Branden with a few activities that he’d been hinting that he wanted to do! First, we rented a row boat for us and the dogs to put around the Elizabeth River in. Then when we got home, I surprised him with a camping set up in the backyard! Hot dogs on the campfire, a brand new tent- the works! Our intent was to sleep overnight in the tent with the dogs, but it only took an hour or two for the heat and the restless dogs to make us move back inside! Oh well, we tried! 
  • This weekend we finally put the finishing touches on another room in #thelittlecraftsmanonlarchmont– the bedroom! You may have seen the finishing touch go up on instagram yesterday! Hopefully I’ll be able to photograph and blog the room soon! 
  • The past 2 weekends have been wedding-free and I’m already getting the itch to get back to it! But I know I need to use this time to get ready for the crazy fall season and start prepping for my next workshop in August! I can’t believe it’s already less than a month away! 

Last Friday I got to meet up with Katie and Thomas at Fort Monroe for their engagement session! These two are so much fun and I can’t wait to share the photos on the blog tomorrow! For now, here’s some sneak peeks!

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