September 11, 2017

Weekend Update

womans-club-of-portsmouth-virginia-wedding-photo_1638.jpgI officially busted out my jackets this weekend and I’m not made about it! Leaving the windows open in the house and waking up to a cool breeze in the bedroom has been quite a treat! It was also a treat for this weekend’s wedding and engagement session! I’m actually looking forward to a busy week of editing because I’m so excited to go through my images from this weekend! 

As always, random thoughts and events from the week! 

  • This weekend was my family’s 14th (or maybe 15th? I’ve lost count) annual croquet tournament. Even after all these years of playing, I can never seem to make it past second-to-last. I think I prefer spectating with a cold drink anyway! Branden usually wins these tournaments, so my family definitely wasn’t disappointed when he had to work this year and couldn’t play! 
  • Last week I got my first Stitch Fix box! I’ve been itching to get some new pieces for my Fall wardrobe and had been wanting to try Stitch Fix box, so it was the perfect time to give it a try! I’ve already worn one of the shirts twice this week! (I wasn’t photographed in it the first time, so that makes it ok to wear again, right??). If you wanna give it a try, click here
  • Speaking of fashion, is it still a rule where you can’t wear white after labor day?? White makes up most of my wardrobe, and I intend to wear it all year round! Sorry not sorry! 

And now for the sneak peeks! Here’s a look at Hannah and Josh’s Woman’s Club of Portsmouth wedding! 
And here’s a few sneaks from Taylor and Josh’s Richmond engagement session last night!byrd-park-richmond-virginia-engagement-session-photo226.JPG

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  1. Christen Allocco

    September 11th, 2017 at 10:58 am

    These images are soooo beautiful. The Women’s Club is so pretty.

    And I just got my first ever Stitch Fix box too! I am obsessed haha. I can’t wait to order another box. I want to see what you got!


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