April 30, 2018

Weekend Update

richmond-virginia-downtown-science-museum-wedding-photo_4126.jpgSpring has finally sprung!! Knock on wood! The feeling of the warmth on my sun is much appreciated! And this weekend was my first warm wedding of the year! If only my ‘warm’ weddings stayed in the upper 70s! I know I’ll be shooting those 100 degree weddings in no time! 

Thoughts and happenings! 

  • This weekend’s wedding probably had the biggest wedding party I’ve ever worked with- 12 on each side! And honestly, knowing how much work it takes to organize getting all the dresses, suits, etc for everyone, I’m just impressed that people are able to get it done for that many people! Kudos!
  • Every now and then, Branden is on a rotation where he has pretty ‘normal’ or even less than normal hours. And he just started one of those today! Which is great, because he will be around more! But the only good thing about when he’s working crazy hours is that I am more productive, since he’s not home. So I have a feeling that with this warm weather AND Branden being home more for a few weeks, my productivity is going to take a huge hit! Wish me luck!
  • Branden also somehow convinced me to join a kickball league a few weeks ago! While I consider myself a naturally athletic person, I just get so anxious with team sports, because I’m afraid to let people down when I mess up!! Does anyone else feel that way? Good thing everyone on the team is more interested in drinking on the sideline than actually winning! 

Sneak peeks from Marianne and Michael’s wedding this weekend!  richmond-virginia-downtown-science-museum-wedding-photo_4118.jpg

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