May 14, 2018

Weekend Update

washington-dc-city-wedding-photography-photo_4262.jpgHappy Monday! How are we already halfway into May?? I know everyone says this every year, but this year is flying by wayyyyy fast! I feel like my 2017 season just wrapped and now I’m in the busiest part of my 2018 season! So crazy! My feet are still hurting from a fun DC wedding this weekend, but they’re ready to get back to work for another busy week this week! 

Thoughts and happenings from the week! 

  • Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! You really do have the most important job there is! And seeing so many of my friends become mothers lately has made the role of motherhood look even sweeter and more special! 
  • When we were kids, my mom would put together scavenger hunts for us to our Easter baskets! And even now that we are grown, she still does that for us! We weren’t able to all be together this Easter, so we did a belated Easter goody hunt yesterday! My mom’s always been good at coming up with clues that challenge us even in our adult years! And I may or may not have consumed the head of chocolate bunny for breakfast…
  • Tip for anyone photographers shooting a city wedding- do not plan on driving yourself between locations!!! The last thing you want is to be late for something on the wedding day because you were looking for parking! See if you can ride with the wedding party between locations, take an uber or have your second shooter drive so that you can hop out while they look for parking! Even when I shoot in downtown Richmond, I make sure that I am never driving myself! And shooting a wedding in the city in DC this weekend reminded me of how important that is! Just a little tip!

And here’s some sneak peeks from Melissa and Gavin’s DC wedding this weekend! 

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