November 12, 2018

Weekend Update

kingsmill-resort-williamsburg-virginia-fall-wedding-photographer-photo_6493.jpgWell, I guess Fall only stopped in for a short visit as it seems winter is already on the doorstep! Between the weather and all the Christmas things already everywhere you look, it definitely feels like winter! We had a chilly and windy day for this weekend’s wedding, but I’ll take chilly over wet for a wedding any day! And as the year quickly winds to a close, so does our little one’s arrival date!! Eekk!! 

Thoughts and happenings from the week! 

  • I can’t believe I’m already down to just one remaining wedding for the year! This is my last busy week of the year before the focus becomes all baby! This week I’ve got 2 baby showers and 3 shoots (one in front of the camera and two behind it!). I feel like I’m pretty much always in ‘nesting’ mode, but I have a feeling it’s really going to kick in after this week! 
  • So are we ready for baby’s arrival? Yes and no. We finished the nursery a while ago, but have been in a sort of waiting period before we buy the rest of the things we need. I wanted to wait until after our baby showers to buy the rest of the things we need, so after this weekend, I’m sure we can expect a steady stream of Amazon boxes to our door as we fill in the gaps with all the baby things! Seeing all the actual baby gear in the house is really making it start to feel real! 
  • And as far as a pregnancy update, not too much report. Just getting bigger and bigger by the day! Which also makes the aches and pains are a little more of a nuisance each day! Honestly, I can’t complain too much, as the pain is mainly muscular from the extra weight- could be a lot worse! And the kicks are SO strong and frequent now! It’s crazy and I love it! I can’t believe that tomorrow marks 7 weeks until his arrival date!! Ahh!! 

Sneak peeks from Sarah and Matt’s Kingsmill wedding this weekend!

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