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August 20, 2018

Weekend Update

stone-tower-winery-leesburg-virginia-wedding-photographer-photo_5466.jpgAnother weekend, another amazing wedding!! This time I traveled all the way up to Leesburg for Caroline and Mike’s stunning Stone Tower Winery wedding! This was my first time there and it is a beaut! Even in the rain, it was stunning! Getting to explore and shoot at new places is worth the many hours spent on the road! 

Thoughts and happenings from the week! 

  • Last Monday I hosted the 4th Audrey Rose Workshop in my home! It was a great and long day (we wrapped at 10:15! Eek!)! It was also a little bittersweet as it was the last workshop I’ll be hosting for a while as I take a break to welcome our baby boy to the family! 
  • This weekend was my first time shooting a wedding where I was visibly pregnant! It was so sweet having people comment on my cute baby bump! And the offers to carry my things didn’t hurt either! Although, I’m pretty sure there was still a good amount of confusion as to whether I was pregnant or just pot-bellied!
  • Last week we officially hit the halfway mark through this pregnancy! On one hand, I feel like we still have such a long way to go, but on the other I feel like it’s just around the corner! Either way, this whole thing is SO surreal!! 

And a few sneak peeks from Caroline and Mike’s wedding this weekend!stone-tower-winery-leesburg-virginia-wedding-photographer-photo_5456.jpg

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