Barcelona, Spain

It’s the last stop on our European vacay!! Even though this amazing trip ended months ago, it feels now it is really ending! Boo! But we are wrapping up our 2-week getaway in Europe with a night in Barcelona!! This was definitely a city that we were really excited to explore and had heard so many great things about! We had such a great time getting lost in the streets and alleys of this lively city!


August 11, 2016

Aix En Provence, France

I wish I were cool enough to live in Aix En Provence, or even just be a frequent visitor! This little town in France is just so posh and adorable! From the lively trendy outdoor market on the main drag to the quaint little pedestrian streets lined with buildings all boasting the most picturesque french balconies, I was in heaven! Such a shame that we only got be there for a few hours! This quintessential French town is very high on our list of places to come back to one day!


August 4, 2016

Pisa and Florence, Italy

Next stop on Europe trip is the last of our Italy cities- Pisa and Florence! After a quick stop at Pisa to see the leaning tower, we had a leisurely stroll through the streets of Florence. Even though it was a gloomy rainy day, our time in Florence pleasantly surprised us. We didn’t really have […]


July 28, 2016

Rome, Italy | Vatican City and Colosseum

Time to recap the big boy of our Europe trip- ROME! There’s no denying that Rome is one of the most significant cities in human history, so getting to spend a day there was such a treat! My only complaint is that we didn’t get to stay long! That and the swarms of tourists. Oh man, the tourists. So many! I guess we can’t complain since we were one of them!


July 21, 2016

Capri, Italy

Folks, get ready for your jaws to drop to the floor over this place. The next stop on our European vacation is a stunner! Today we are recapping our time in Capri, Italy. Our boat actually docked in Naples and we were left with a touch decision about how to spend our day. The main attraction here would be Pompeii, so our first instinct was to do that. But then when we saw all the other things there were to do and see in this area, we made the tough decision to totally scratch off Pompeii and spend the whole day in Capri, Italy! And boy, am I glad we did!


July 12, 2016

Malta and Sicily, Italy

Today we’re covering two stops from our European getaway- Malta and Sicily! These were probably the most laid back and relaxing stops on our mediterranean cruise. We knew that a 2-week cruise through Europe with a different city each day would get quite exhausting. So we purposely planned for these two stops to be more leisurely instead of trying to run around seeing everything!


July 7, 2016