Rising Tide NOLA 2018 Leaders Retreat

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you know that I like to blog weddings, sessions, travels, etc pretty much right after they happen. So it may surprise you to see me blogging a trip from over a month ago! Honestly, I was planning on not blogging this trip, but the more I thought about, I realized there was no way that I couldn’t! So let me take you back to annual Rising Tide Society leaders retreat in New Orleans!


March 6, 2018

Our Magical Orlando Vacation

If you follow me on Instagram, then chances are that you noticed we were in Orlando last week! And if you follow Branden too, then you probably felt like you were there with us! Part of the fun of this trip was how much we documented it on Instagram stories! This was Branden’s first time doing Instagram stories and he killed it! Everyone said they liked his stuff more than mine! Haha! 


February 14, 2018

Charleston SC on Film

You guys have probably seen that I’ve been dabbling in film lately. Just a little bit here and there. So when I was planning our trip to Charleston, I was wrestling with the decision of whether to use my film or digital camera on the trip. I was hesitant to use the film camera since I had just started shooting film and I didn’t want to come back from the trip with no decent pictures! But you gotta learn somehow, so I shot the whole trip on film! 


November 14, 2017

A Weekend in NYC

Last year, we went on a family trip to NYC with my family. This was Branden’s first time to the city and honestly, he wasn’t that excited. He’s not really a big city guy and hates shoulder to shoulder crowds. But as we returned home from that trip, Branden was already making plans for how we could live there one day! This magical city stole both our hearts so we knew we had to get back there ASAP!


May 9, 2017

Winter Caribbean Getaway!

Last week Branden and I got out of dodge for a quick, but much needed little winter Caribbean getaway! Branden only gets 3 weeks off a year and they are pre-assigned at the beginning of the year. So when we saw that he a week off in the dead of winter, we decided we didn’t just wanted sit on our frozen butts at home and that we needed to go somewhere warm. So we booked a little 4-night cruise to the Caribbean!


February 7, 2017

Rising Tide Society Leaders Retreat

Being able to serve as a Rising Tide Society leader for the past year and a half has truly been such an honor. Being able to foster a local community of like-minded creative entrepreneurs that continues to grow and grow each month is just so humbling! Watching these local small business owners pour into each other each month and create some really amazing relationships and friendships along the way is more than I could have ever hoped for when I set out to create our local Hampton Roads Tuesdays Together community back in 2015.


January 26, 2017

rising tide society honeybook leaders retreat in san francisco