Little Craftsman Bedroom Makeover

Before we bought our house last year, we had only lived in 1-bedroom apartments. So our bedroom was not only a bedroom, but also where all the junk that we couldn’t fit anywhere else was stored. So we never had the nice calming bedroom to turn into at night. So when we bought this house last year, I was so excited to turn our bedroom to a room that was just a bedroom, nothing else! 


July 13, 2017

Home Office Tour

Since starting my business I have never had a designated office space, or even area, for doing work. My ‘office’ was the couch, the dining room table, the bedroom, wherever. And I can’t really complain about working from the couch, but sometimes I just really craved a designated space for work where I could really focus and be productive. Not to mention, an actual place to put my photography equipment would be nice instead of having it sprawled all over the living room 24-7! So when we bought our first home last year, I was so excited to turn the 3rd bedroom into an actual home office!


May 25, 2017

5 Things We Love About Our Home

The other day, Facebook reminded of a very special 1-year anniversary. At the top of my news feed was the first picture that Branden and I ever took in our house holding the keys that we finally ours to our very first home together! This is definitely one of those things where I can’t believe it’s been a year already, but it also feels like we’ve lived here forever!


May 17, 2017

Tiny Half Bath Makeover

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a house post, simply because it’s been a while since we’ve worked on the house! Once we got the main rooms done last Fall, we kind of took a break and just enjoyed the house. But now that wedding season is fast approaching, it’s crunch time to finish those unfinished house projects before the crazy starts! So today I am sharing the smallest room of the house- the teeny tiny half bath!


March 30, 2017

The Little Crafstman Christmas Tour

I have to admit, when we were shopping for houses this past spring, one of the things on my mental checklist was where a Christmas tree would go. If there’s not a good central location for a Christmas tree in a house, then it’s a no go! haha! So when we bought our cute little craftsman home this past May, I couldn’t wait to turn it into a cozy Christmas oasis!


December 8, 2016

Back Deck Makeover

Ever since buying and moving into this house back in May, we really hit the ground running when it came to projects. I knew that there were certain things I wanted done ASAP when we were first getting settled in or else we would never do them. We started with painting the entire house (goodbye yellow and red walls!), then buying furniture and decorating, then making a dining room table, then redoing landscaping in the front and back yard and now finally redoing the back deck!


October 27, 2016