Kingsmill Resort Williamsburg VA Wedding

Sarah and Matt’s wedding day was a chilly breezy one, but I’ll take a cold wedding day over a wet one any day! Their wedding day was sweet and laid back, just like they are! They even incorporated their love for dogs (they have 3!) in their wedding in more ways than one! 


November 14, 2018

Irvine Estate Lexington VA Wedding

You may have noticed that I am often in the mountains on the weekends for wedding and shoots. Especially this year. Doing so has really deepened my appreciation for the beauty of the Virginia mountains. I went to college for 4 years in the mountains (Go Dukes!), but never really appreciated the beauty of the scenery all around us. That’s not the case for Rachel and Matt. They have a deep appreciation for the mountains which is why they chose to get married at a venue that really highlighted that beauty! Even though neither of them or their families even live in the area!


October 31, 2018

King Family Vineyards Charlottesville VA Wedding

What a sweet sweet wedding Erin and Kienan had. A gorgeous Charlottesville mountain venue, cool fall temps, the perfect layer of clouds all day and the sweetest couple! The way that Erin and Kienan look at each other could make even the biggest cynic believe in love. After years of long distance, their relationship endured and now here they are as man and wife!!


October 10, 2018

Downtown Richmond Virginia Wedding

Evanne and Randy’s wedding was such a breath of fresh air for so many reasons. First, because it had been a while since I’d had perfect wedding day weather and they had a gorgeous 70s and sunny day for their wedding! But more importantly, because the day was easy, breezy and beautiful! Everything ran so smoothly and easily. Evanne and Randy and their wedding party were such a joy to work with and made the day so fun and easy! Just a picture perfect day!


October 3, 2018

Pippin Hill Vineyards Charlottesville VA Wedding

Ashleigh and John’s wedding fell on the first official day of fall and I’d say it was the perfect way to kick off the season! From the always stunning Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards to the sweetest couple and wedding party to the jaw-dropping reception! Not even a string of unlucky rain showers that overstayed their welcome could put a damper on their wedding day!


September 26, 2018

Country Club of Virginia Richmond Wedding

Michelle and Matt’s wedding was full of class and elegance! From the stunning Country Club of Virginia to host their affair to the classic timeless gown that Michelle wore so beautifully! I don’t think it’s a coincidence that weddings with a heavy military presence (Matt is active duty!) always have a classic timeless way about them!


September 6, 2018