Historical Yorktown VA Engagements

How have I already shot my LAST engagement session of the year?? 2017 has just flown by! Astrid and Luis’s sweet winter engagement session was the perfect way to wrap up the season!  Astrid and Luis both grew up in different countries before moving to the U.S. with their families. But it wasn’t until their high school […]


December 12, 2017

Downtown Norfolk Freemason Fall Engagements

Wedding season may be drawing to a close, but engagement season is still in full swing! We’ve been really lucky here in southern VA to have fall leaves that have lasted much longer than normal! Which bodes very well for my couples that have done late Fall engagement sessions like Callie and Andrew! 


November 28, 2017

Richmond Virginia Fall Engagements

There are so many charming and beautiful places in Richmond and Karen and Matthew happen to live at one of them- Monument Avenue! Karen and Matthew just recently moved to Richmond and bought a gorgeous home just two blocks from the iconic Monument Avenue in Richmond. And to top things off, the beautiful row of trees down the middle of the street were are the peak of their gorgeous fall foliage! 


November 16, 2017

Washington DC Monuments Sunrise Engagements

Well this session may go down as an all time favorite! From the light to the setting to the couple- just perfection! Not to mention their adorable pup! Always an added bonus! Sit tight friends, this is a long one. 


November 9, 2017

UVA Charlottesville Fall Engagements

It’s always such a treat when couples want to do their engagement session at a place that has special meaning to them and their relationship. For Flynn and Morgan, it was University of Virginia. It’s where they met and where their relationship was forged. It’s where they not only have wonderful memories as a couple, but also timeless memories as individuals. Throw in a gorgeous afternoon at the peak of fall and we’ve got a perfect recipe for an engagement session! 


November 7, 2017

Freemason Norfolk Virginia Engagements

This session has been patiently waiting to be shared for a while now. Right after Caroline and Mike’s engagement session, I went out of town for a week, then when I got back my blog decided to break down for a few days! But it’s finally back up and running and ready to share Caroline and Mike’s sweet Downtown Norfolk engagements! 


November 2, 2017