Skyline Drive Virginia Mountain Engagements

When you and your couple collectively drive 8+ hours one way so you can have epic mountain views for your engagement session, you cross all your fingers and toes for good weather! We had a gorgeous evening on Skyline Drive for Jordan and Matt’s engagement session! We did a lot of google map searching and research to find the perfect overlook spot for their session and I think we found it at Timber Hollow Overlook! I love that it was an overlook that you could actually walk down into as opposed to just viewing it from the road!


August 30, 2018

Berkeley Plantation Virginia Engagements

Virginia may be for lovers, but it is also for history lovers! Throw a rock and you’ll hit some important piece of our country’s history. And I honestly never even realized how many historic places there were all around me until I started photography and was shooting at all these places! And one of those sites is Berkeley Plantation- the place where the first Thanksgiving happened in the 1600s! Not to mention, it is also gorgeous!! Give me all the hedges, all structures and manicured gardens! 


July 12, 2018

Ravens Roost Mountain Engagements

One of the things that I love about being a wedding photographer is that it takes me to so many new places! One day I’m shooting a wedding in the mountains and the next I’m doing an engagement session at the beach! Virginia is full of so many different sceneries! 


July 10, 2018

Virginia Capitol Richmond Engagements

We set the date for Michelle and Matt’s engagement session months ago. When your fiance is in the military and you both live out of town, you don’t have the luxury of being flexible when it comes to scheduling! So when the night before their session the forecast was calling for rain most of the day, we knew rescheduling wasn’t an option. We made the last minute call to switch the session to the morning in hopes that we would miss the rain- which we did! Definitely made the right call! 


June 14, 2018

OBX Kitty Hawk Engagements

The Outer Banks is one of my favorite places in the world! I’ve been going every summer with my family since I was born! Now that life is a little busier, we don’t get to make it down as often as we’d like. But when Ashleigh asked about doing their engagement session in the OBX while they were down there with their family AND it happened to line up with the week that Branden had off from work, it was kismet! So we grabbed the dogs, headed down early and made a day out it! And it was perfect! 


May 31, 2018

Downtown Norfolk Virginia Engagements

Ok, so I have to admit to a major brain fart. I had Taylor and Cameron’s engagement session all pre-blogged and ready to go for last Tuesday. Well, it wasn’t until the Friday after that that I realized it never went live! Turns out I scheduled it for 2019! You know busy season is upon us when things like that start happening! Oy! 


May 22, 2018