Baby Deyerle Second Trimester

Our sweet baby James is coming for us, whether we are ready or not! We are officially in the 3rd trimester!! Pregnancy is such a whirlwind! Every week comes with a new set of emotions, excitement and disbelief! And somehow the whole process feels so slow yet so fast at the same time!! He’s not even in our arms yet, but our whole world has already been turned upside down in the best way!! 


October 17, 2018

Baby Deyerle Gender Reveal

I have always loved the idea of doing a fun gender reveal when we would get pregnant one day. But with Branden being an Ob/Gyn resident, I knew it would be hard to keep the gender from him since he would easily be able to spot it during ultrasounds. And I didn’t want him to not be able to watch those early ultrasounds, so I figured it was just something we wouldn’t be able to do.


July 31, 2018

We’re Pregnant!! First Trimester

Y’all is this real life?! Am I really announcing that there is a human life inside me?! It definitely hasn’t sunk in yet that this is real! But the doctor says it is- we’re pregnant!!!


June 25, 2018

How’s Branden Liking Residency?

I always say that when people are asking you the same questions over and over, that means it’s time for a blog post! So if I have brides asking me for engagement session outfit ideas or photographers asking what lenses I use, I’ll blog it! Same goes for personal things. And lately the question I always get is “How is Branden liking residency?”, so that means it’s time for a blog post!


March 13, 2018

Our Magical Orlando Vacation

If you follow me on Instagram, then chances are that you noticed we were in Orlando last week! And if you follow Branden too, then you probably felt like you were there with us! Part of the fun of this trip was how much we documented it on Instagram stories! This was Branden’s first time doing Instagram stories and he killed it! Everyone said they liked his stuff more than mine! Haha! 


February 14, 2018

High Tea Baby Shower

Is it just me, or does it feel like everyone is pregnant right now?? Maybe it’s just because I’m getting to an age where all my friends are starting to have babies! But I don’t mind, because I get to watch some of my best friends go through the journey to parenthood! One of which is my sweet friend, Molly! You may have seen her on my instagram as my friend that also has two corgis! Which is actually how we met! 


January 17, 2018