February 7, 2017

Winter Caribbean Getaway!

carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7895.jpgLast week Branden and I got out of dodge for a quick, but much needed little winter Caribbean getaway! Branden only gets 3 weeks off a year and they are pre-assigned at the beginning of the year. So when we saw that he a week off in the dead of winter, we decided we didn’t just wanted sit on our frozen butts at home and that we needed to go somewhere warm. So we booked a little 4-night cruise to the Caribbean! 

So last Monday morning we hopped on a plane to Miami to board the Carnival Victory that would take us to Key West and Cozumel, Mexico. Short and sweet, but just what the doctor ordered! This trip was a little different than our most recent trips (like our trip to Europe last Spring!) because there was no real plans or itinerary but to just relax and go with the flow. If you know me, you’ll know that I am a total Type A planner kind of person, so going on a trip without a detailed timeline and itinerary honestly gives me a little anxiety. But I tried to let go of that and just go with the flow on this trip and it was pretty nice! I could definitely get used to that! 

So we enjoyed a quick a relaxing trip down South last week. There was no shortage of sun (and sunburns!), midday naps and fruity drinks galore! Here’s a quick little recap of our trip!

We landed in Miami around 9AM, but didn’t board the boat until 4, so we spent the day wandering around South Beach!carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7846.jpg You’ll discover pretty quickly how I like to photograph palm trees! I just think they are so pretty! And for me, when I see a whole bunch of palm trees, that’s a sign of being on vacation! carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7847.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7848.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7849.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7850.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7851.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7852.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7853.jpg We got a pretty good workout during our stay in South Beach since we were lugging all our luggage everywhere! Oy!carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7854.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7855.jpg Then the next day we hit Key West! We have been to Key West once before and I just love it! Such a cute and quaint little island! I would be very happy to retire here! carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7856.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7857.jpg I just can’t get enough of these houses!carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7858.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7860.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7859.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7861.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7862.jpg The only thing that I wanted to make sure that we did was get an amazing slice of Key Lime pie. And boy, did we!! This little guy was SO good!!carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7863.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7864.jpg Back on board the ship, next stop, Mexico!carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7865.jpg For our stay in Mexico, we booked an excursion that took us to a private island, Passion Island. A cute little beach, plenty of activities and FREE drinks!!! carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7866.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7867.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7868.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7869.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7870.jpg As you can see, the coconuts were very fresh!carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7871.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7872.jpg Give me alllll the palm trees!carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7873.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7874.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7875.jpgAnd here’s a few of the many phone pictures from our trip! carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7876.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7877.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7878.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7879.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7880.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7881.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7882.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7883.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7884.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7885.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7886.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7887.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7888.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7889.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7890.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7891.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7892.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7893.jpg carnival-victory-caribbean-cruise-key-west-cozumel-photo_7894.jpg

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  1. Carly Vega says:

    OMG! I loved Carnival Victory! My husband and I had a blast on our cruise. Palm Trees are the best, I loved all the photos. I used to live in Key West, so here in VA, it is tough to find a good Key Lime Pie! Looks like you had a blast. :)

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