March 6, 2018

Rising Tide NOLA 2018 Leaders Retreat

rising-tide-society-2018-new-orleans-leaders-retreat-photo_3560.jpgIf you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you know that I like to blog weddings, sessions, travels, etc pretty much right after they happen. So it may surprise you to see me blogging a trip from over a month ago! Honestly, I was planning on not blogging this trip, but the more I thought about, I realized there was no way that I couldn’t! So let me take you back to annual Rising Tide Society leaders retreat in New Orleans!

Let’s back up for a second. If you are in the creative business world and haven’t heard of the Rising Tide Society, go ahead and crawl out from under the rock you’re living under and listen up! RTS is a worldwide community of like-minded creative entreupeuners all working together to lift each other up- hence the name ‘rising tide’. This is achieved in a number of ways, the main way being through monthly meetings held in cities all over the world! Each city has a leader (or a few leaders) that puts on these meetings where various business topics are discussed. The meetings are free and welcome to all! Each month we get to learn from each other and leave with valuable information to apply to our businesses! 

I’m fortunate enough to have been the Hampton Roads leader for almost 3 years now. I’ve seen our local community grow from a few dozen to 700+ in that time! Relationships have been forged and businesses have been nurtured through this community. I’m so blessed to not only have a hand in fostering this community, but also to be able to witness the wonders it’s done. 

Each year, the Rising Tide Society and Honeybook (and many other awesome sponsors!) put on a retreat for all the leaders within RTS. People come from all over the world to meet each other and learn how to be better leaders while we’re at it. The way RTS pours into us leaders just goes to show how passionate they are about this community! I’m lucky enough to have been able to attend all the leaders retreats thus far!  It’s so fun to explore a new city while making so many new friends and learning a ton! 

This year’s retreat was in New Orleans!! I had never been and didn’t really know what to expect. But it honestly blew my expectations out of the water! The charm and energy of this city is unlike anything I’ve ever seen! From the classic southern architecture to the live jazz music being played everywhere downtown, it was amazing! And I’m so glad that I got to experience it all with my girl, Ruth, again! 

So here is a recap of our short time in NOLA! These pictures came from all over- my phone, my film camera, Lauren Carnes, Natalie Franke and Madison Short!  

We stayed at the Pontchartrain Hotel which was SO adorable! rising-tide-society-2018-new-orleans-leaders-retreat-photo_3537.jpg
We started the trip off with meeting some of the other leaders at the French Market!rising-tide-society-2018-new-orleans-leaders-retreat-photo_3538.jpg
The open carry law was so weird, but so awesome!rising-tide-society-2018-new-orleans-leaders-retreat-photo_3539.jpg
Then we hopped over to a cute park for headshot swaps!rising-tide-society-2018-new-orleans-leaders-retreat-photo_3540.jpg
I brought my film camera along only to take these couple shots! haha!rising-tide-society-2018-new-orleans-leaders-retreat-photo_3541.jpg
Then the retreat started early the next morning!rising-tide-society-2018-new-orleans-leaders-retreat-photo_3543.jpg
So much swag! Stuff We All Get -the office, anyone??rising-tide-society-2018-new-orleans-leaders-retreat-photo_3544.jpg
We got to hear from so many amazing speakers and industry leaders on how to be the best leaders we can be!rising-tide-society-2018-new-orleans-leaders-retreat-photo_3546.jpg
I noticed that in New Orleans, salad is basically dressing with a side of salad!rising-tide-society-2018-new-orleans-leaders-retreat-photo_3547.jpg
Struggle bus…rising-tide-society-2018-new-orleans-leaders-retreat-photo_3548.jpg
There we go!rising-tide-society-2018-new-orleans-leaders-retreat-photo_3549.jpg
Give me alllll the classic southern architecture!! rising-tide-society-2018-new-orleans-leaders-retreat-photo_3551.jpg
Quick dinner downtown! The atmosphere is SO cool!rising-tide-society-2018-new-orleans-leaders-retreat-photo_3552.jpg
I did not partake in the oyster eating. I merely documented it. Eww.rising-tide-society-2018-new-orleans-leaders-retreat-photo_3553.jpg
Then we got all dolled up for a masquerade party!rising-tide-society-2018-new-orleans-leaders-retreat-photo_3554.jpg
They rented out an entire penthouse bar! rising-tide-society-2018-new-orleans-leaders-retreat-photo_3555.jpg
The last ones standing riding the elevator down at 2AM!rising-tide-society-2018-new-orleans-leaders-retreat-photo_3557.jpg
Meet all my new and old friends!! rising-tide-society-2018-new-orleans-leaders-retreat-photo_3559.jpg

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