April 24, 2017

FREE Bridal Details Checklist Template!

free-bridal-details-checklist-template-virginia-wedding-photographer-photo_8065.jpgI’m definitely an advocate for the importance of ‘educating’ your brides. Not only is this going to make your job so much easier, but it’s also going to ensure that they are getting the most out of their wedding photography experience. By educating them prior to the wedding, you are avoiding common issues that could arise and ensuring that their wedding day is organized and planned in a way that prioritizes the photography! One of the things I’m always sure to educate my brides about is bridal details!

If you are a wedding photographer, chances are the you have a love for all things pretty and detailed! So photographing the bridal details is not only fun for us, but is also an important part of telling the story of the wedding day! The bride probably put a lot of effort into picking out her dress, jewelry, invitations, etc. So these little details should be captured! Something that I’ll often hear from photographers is that their brides don’t give them much detail items to work with, so they have a hard time getting those pretty bridal detail photos! But the reason that is happening is probably because you are not educating them beforehand!

Several weeks out from the wedding day, I send my brides a Bridal Details Checklist document that not only lists the items that they need to gather together for me, but also educates them. It explains the importance of these images, gives them tips and reminders regarding their bridal details (like when the flowers should be delivered, having all 3 rings, etc) and gives them ways that they can elevate their bridal details photos (including styling items, loose florals, heirloom items, etc). I used to just send a simple list of all the items I needed from them when I arrive, but then I realized there was so much more I could be educating them on to really take their bridal details photos to the next level!

So I created my own 5-page Bridal Details Checklist document that I send to my brides before their wedding. This document not only lists all the items to include, but also educates them on ways to take their bridal details photos to the next level- which is setting you up for success for every single wedding! No more arriving on the wedding day and they don’t have the rings or the flowers or the invitations because you didn’t explain why you needed them! Sending this document to brides is what allows me to get images like this for every wedding! free-bridal-details-checklist-template-virginia-wedding-photographer-photo_8066.jpg

But guess what??!! I am giving out my Bridal Details Checklist template for FREE!! Yes, FREE! This InDesign template is completely customizable to fit your brand and business! Change the font, colors, images, etc to fit your style and business! I guarantee that by sending this document to your brides, you’ll be greeted with lots of bridal detail goodness at every wedding!

To get the free template, all you have to do is sign up for the email newsletter and it will be sent straight to your inbox! It’s that simple! 


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