January 17, 2018

High Tea Baby Shower

high-tea-pink-baby-shower-photo_3214.jpgIs it just me, or does it feel like everyone is pregnant right now?? Maybe it’s just because I’m getting to an age where all my friends are starting to have babies! But I don’t mind, because I get to watch some of my best friends go through the journey to parenthood! One of which is my sweet friend, Molly! You may have seen her on my instagram as my friend that also has two corgis! Which is actually how we met! 

When Molly mentioned that she’d love to have a high tea baby shower, I immediately volunteered! I love doing high tea. It’s so fun to bust out all the fancy china and dine like royals for an afternoon. Plus, all the usual tea food is pretty much my list of favorite foods! Give me allll the pimento cheese!! This intimate tea party was a nice twist on the usual baby shower. It was so nice to actually sit at a table and have real conversations with everyone as we sipped our tea and ate our fancy sandwiches. 

While this isn’t the type of thing I would normally share on my blog, I just couldn’t help but share all the pretty with you guys! And Molly is just the sweetest cutest little pregnant lady and is going to make an amazing mom in just a couple months! I’m so honored to have been able to throw this party for her and can’t wait to meet her baby girl! 
Don’t mind my very amateur watercolor work! haha! high-tea-pink-baby-shower-photo_3198.jpg
I love any opportunity to host a fancy meal on our dining room table! high-tea-pink-baby-shower-photo_3199.jpg
I was pretty proud of how this flower arrangement turned out! Putting the skills I learned at Courtney Inghram’s workshop to good use! high-tea-pink-baby-shower-photo_3200.jpg
You might remember this backdrop from my annual brides party back in December. We’ve gotten a lot of use out of it since then and I kind of don’t want to take it down! high-tea-pink-baby-shower-photo_3201.jpg
I knew there was a reason I registered for a full set of fine wedding china! Tea parties- duh! high-tea-pink-baby-shower-photo_3202.jpg
Molly is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet and insisted on not letting me do everything for the shower. Not only did she make some of the food, she also put together these sweet bath bomb and loofah favors! high-tea-pink-baby-shower-photo_3203.jpg
I wanted to make pink mimosa’s, so I used Simply Lemonade Raspberry instead of orange juice and HOLY COW! It was amazing! So light and refreshing! high-tea-pink-baby-shower-photo_3204.jpg
Strill drooling over these desserts! Molly made the macarons herself!! So good! And the strawberry mousse I made was heavenly!high-tea-pink-baby-shower-photo_3208.jpg
The corgis approve of the corgi onesie! high-tea-pink-baby-shower-photo_3209.jpg
Molly, you and your baby girl are so loved! high-tea-pink-baby-shower-photo_3210.jpg
Now I understand how awkward my bridesmaids feel when I tell them to laugh at each other! high-tea-pink-baby-shower-photo_3212.jpg
Proud papa! high-tea-pink-baby-shower-photo_3213.jpg

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