April 7, 2016

The Best $5 I Spent On My Clients

the best 5 dollars i spent on my wedding photography business clientsA good practice for any client-based business is to underpromise and overdeliver. But this doesn’t mean that what you promise should be inadequate, of course. You should promise what your client expects and deserves, but then take it one step further leaving them blown away! I try to implement this in every aspect of my business. From the way I treat them throughout the process, to the final results at the end of the experience. Some of the ways I go above and beyond are bigger and have more of a WOW factor, but some are really simple and easy but still blow my clients away! And today I am sharing one of my secrets that is so simple and inexpensive for me, but never fails to amaze my clients AND their guests!

Like most photographers today, I deliver images to my clients via an online album (PASS) and also include a print release. This allows my couples (and their friends and family) to be able to download the high resolution images and print them as they please. This also makes it easier for the couple to share the images with their friends and family because all they have to do is send them the link to the album! Win win!

The first thing I do for my clients that is one of my “overdeliver” items that they usually don’t expect is a same day slideshow during the reception! So right when dinner starts, I hide away for 20 minutes with my laptop and do a quick edit on about 15-20 images from the wedding day thus far. I then play them in a slideshow on my iPad and present it to the couple (Click HERE to see how I do my same day slideshow). They are always SO blown away that I already have images for them to see! And the iPad is theirs for the night to show their friends and family too! So everyone is super surprised and blown away- especially the parents! So that’s surprise number #1.

Surprise #2 is where the $5 comes into play. Like I said before, I deliver images via an online album that anyone with the link has access to. Most guests at the wedding would love to get their hands on the images from the wedding, and while it’s super simple for the bride and groom to share the album link, they probably aren’t going to email each and every person that came to the wedding with that link. So something I started doing for each wedding is ordering little mini cards that have the link to the online album right on the card that can be passed out during the reception!! For $20, I can order 100 Moo minicards with a customized graphic that has the link AND one of the couple’s engagement pictures on it! And because MOO lets you use as many designs for the back of the card as you like, I can upload 4 different designs for 4 different couples in that one order so that I have 25 cards for each couple and all for just $20! So just $5 a couple!!! And these cards are pretty high quality for the price! Guests are always blown away by them!

So during the reception, I will hand these out to guests explaining that they can view and download all the images from the wedding at the link on the card! So the guests now have access to the images and the bride and groom didn’t even have to lift a finger! And sometimes there is a surprise #3- if I can get access to wifi, I will upload those 15-20 images to the PASS gallery during the reception so when I hand out the cards I can tell guests that there are sneak peeks available NOW!! So that means that I can give the card to a bridesmaid and she can pull up the link on her phone, download her favorite sneak peek image AND post it on social media! All before the wedding is even over! And this is all from a simple $5 purchase! 

So this is just a simple way that I can make my couple’s (and their guests!) experience even better than they were expecting! After the wedding is over, of course I want my couples to be thrilled with their images. But even more than that, I want them to be thrilled with their experience. I want them to feel like they were taken care of throughout the entire process. And this is just a simple way that I can do that!

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  1. Nicole says:

    That’s so awesome, I do this but always had 100 cards per couple and was overkill! Never thought of splitting it up!! Love! Money saver!

  2. Anna Koko says:

    Audrey, and what if a couple does not like everyone to have that link? Do you ask them before or you just take a chance and share the link with their guests?

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