James’ Birth Story | Part 2

If you missed part 1 of James’ birth story, get caught up here. Picking up where we left off. My contractions go from manageable to can’t-get-words-out real quick. And there was now almost no break between contractions. I knew that was the sign that it was time to get the epidural. I get the epidural and feel great. They check me and I’m still 4cm, so they go ahead and break my water. Shortly after this, I start to feel a little sharp pain in my right side. We try turning me to my right side to use gravity to get the medicine to that side. But with each contraction, that little spot where I feel pain gets bigger and bigger until my entire abdomen and back are now no longer numb. The nurse anesthetist comes back to give me a new dose of medicine. No change. People always tell you that epidurals don’t always work, but I never in a million years thought that would happen to me.


January 16, 2019

James’ Birth Story | Part 1

I had every intention of sitting down to write out James’ birth story a week, maybe two weeks, after he was born. Yeah, no. I’ll say that the inability to get things done with a newborn is one of the things I definitely underestimated! But I can’t complain as baby snuggles beat work and chores any day! So, on to the birth story!


January 15, 2019

Holiday Home Decor Tour

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And with that comes my favorite version of our home- when it’s decked out for Christmas!! There’s just something so magical about a lit tree in the corner of the room. It can brighten up any dreary day! 


December 11, 2018

Chrysler Museum Norfolk VA Wedding

What a perfect way to cap off my 2018 season! A warm December afternoon, perfect amount of clouds during portrait time, a sweet couple and wedding party and a 10-minute commute from my house! Can’t beat that! With my being 35 weeks pregnant at this wedding, we did have a plan b in place in case something should happen that kept me from being able to shoot it. But luckily, baby was still cooking nicely and I was able to shoot Katie and Clark’s wedding no problem! 


December 5, 2018

Weekend Update

2018 weddings are officially a wrap!!! What?! Not only am I done with shooting for the year, I’m also done with all my shooting pre-baby! Now that’s surreal!! When I first found out I was pregnant, I knew I needed a plan b for this weekend’s wedding as I would be 35 weeks and you never know what can happen. But luckily baby is still cooking nicely inside and I’m feeling great, so I was able to shoot Katie and Clark’s wedding no problem!! 


December 3, 2018

Hermitage Museum Norfolk VA Wedding Inspiration

You may remember seeing some sneak peeks from the gorgeous styled shoot that I got to photograph back in August alongside my workshop attendees! This group of attendees were in for a treat with the styled shoot that Jamie of Jamie Leigh Events put together at The Hermitage Museum in Norfolk! This is the first […]


November 29, 2018