Richmond VA Jefferson Hotel Wedding

After what’s been a pretty wet summer here in Virginia, the hot sun on Krissy and James’ wedding day was a welcome surprise! Krissy and James’ wedding was classy from start to finish. From the simple classy details to the actual locations of the day- The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart and The Jefferson Hotel! Two iconic Richmond spots! With a classic Richmond trolley to shuttle them in between, of course! 


August 8, 2018

Weekend Update

After a few weeks off, it’s back to work! I’ll often have a littler break in the middle of the summer as weddings are usually fewer because of the hot weather! It’s funny how even just 3 weekends of not shooting a wedding makes me feel rusty when I shoot again! But it always comes right back to me, like riding a bike! Krissy and James’ wedding took place at some of my favorite Richmond locations and was such a great day! 


August 6, 2018

Baby Deyerle Gender Reveal

I have always loved the idea of doing a fun gender reveal when we would get pregnant one day. But with Branden being an Ob/Gyn resident, I knew it would be hard to keep the gender from him since he would easily be able to spot it during ultrasounds. And I didn’t want him to not be able to watch those early ultrasounds, so I figured it was just something we wouldn’t be able to do.


July 31, 2018

Berkeley Plantation Virginia Engagements

Virginia may be for lovers, but it is also for history lovers! Throw a rock and you’ll hit some important piece of our country’s history. And I honestly never even realized how many historic places there were all around me until I started photography and was shooting at all these places! And one of those sites is Berkeley Plantation- the place where the first Thanksgiving happened in the 1600s! Not to mention, it is also gorgeous!! Give me all the hedges, all structures and manicured gardens! 


July 12, 2018

Richmond Virginia Summer Wedding

If you were outside at all this weekend, then you know that we enjoyed some amazing cool temps in JULY!!! So to everyone that married this past weekend, consider yourself VERY lucky! Emma and Ben’s wedding was laid back and fun! Just the way I like them! Every single person in their 24-person wedding party […]


July 11, 2018

Ravens Roost Mountain Engagements

One of the things that I love about being a wedding photographer is that it takes me to so many new places! One day I’m shooting a wedding in the mountains and the next I’m doing an engagement session at the beach! Virginia is full of so many different sceneries! 


July 10, 2018