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February 29, 2016

3 Vital Wedding Week Tasks

3 vital wedding week tasks by kelsey ann events and virginia wedding photographerToday I am wrapping up my weekend in Charleston for the Rising Tide Society leaders retreat! I can’t wait to get back and tell you guys all about it! Until then, you’re going to hear from another amazing Hampton Roads wedding vendor, and my dear friend, Kelsey! Kelsey is a wedding and events planner based out of Newport News. She has a heart of gold, impeccable style and wisdom beyond her years! She has helped so many brides plan and execute the wedding of their dreams, but she also knows that there’s a lot more than just centerpieces and escort cards that go into planning your dream wedding! The little behind-the-scenes details are just as important! So today she is sharing 3 vital tasks to be done during the week of your wedding!

3 vital wedding week tasks by kelsey ann events and virginia wedding photographer(To see more from this 1920’s styled shoot that Kelsey planned, click HERE!) 

You’ve been planning, dreaming, pinteresting, and (lets be honest) dishing out a lot of dough to create your picture-perfect day. Now, it’s only a week away and it seems surreal that it is actually HAPPENING! It can feel like so much still needs to be done and, you might have no idea where to even begin preparing. My advice? Don’t save any actual “planning” for the week before the wedding. Have your seating chart done, layout complete and timeline perfected. Make your last week all about relaxation and organization for both you and your fiancé! Here are 3 things you should do the week of your wedding:

1. Pamper yourself. This week belongs to you and your fiancé so, TREAT YO’ SELF.

  • Get a manicure and pedicure. This isn’t just for the ladies. Guys, if you haven’t ever been in a nail salon- now is your time! Don’t be scared or embarrassed, I promise, as soon as you sit in that pedicure chair- it will all be worth it!
  • Get a couples’ massage. Take a day, go to the spa and enjoy soothing music, fluffy robes and a relaxing ambiance. My personal recommendation on the type of massage? A 30-minute deep tissue massage!
  • Purchase a luxurious facemask. It doesn’t get much better than a moisturizing mask and a glass of wine with your favorite tunes playing in the background. Warning: Stick with something you know your skin will respond well to. You wouldn’t want to spend the last few days before your wedding with a skin rash.
  • Pluck, tweeze, wax, trim, and clip. Ladies AND gents- make sure you are looking your best before your walk down the aisle. While the ladies, I’m sure, are aware of all the necessary hygiene practices, the gentlemen are usually the ones who need a little bit of guidance. Grooms- trim your facial hair, get a fresh haircut and exfoliate.  Guaranteed: If you treat yourself like a million bucks- then you’ll feel like a million bucks when all eyes are on you!
  • Drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep! Both are guaranteed to improve your skin, your mood and your overall health!
  • Work out. Don’t go into working out thinking “I want to lose 10 pounds today”. Work out to make yourself FEEL BETTER! I promise, you’ll be energized after you take out all of your anxiety and frustrations on the treadmill!

3 vital wedding week tasks by kelsey ann events and virginia wedding photographer(To see more from this Bayvue Estate styled shoot that Kelsey planned, click HERE!) 

2. Pack for your honeymoon. Don’t wait until the very last minute for this because you WILL forget something and it will probably be important! Leave a bag open in a room for the week and slowly begin filling it with honeymoon goodies! Also, make a list of everything you are going to need and check it off once it makes its way into your luggage.

  • Buy yourself some pretty things for your honeymoon. A new outfit (or two), a fun passport cover, and Mr. and Mrs. T-shirts for the flight are MUST HAVES! 
  • Pack for all types of weather. Even if you are going to a tropical, sunny island- pack something warm and pack something dry in case of rain.
  • Pack ALL the chargers. You don’t want to be stuck phone-less and (more importantly) camera-less on your honeymoon!
  • Don’t forget the documents! Make sure to pack the following:
    • Passport/visa
    • Drivers license
    • Credit cards/cash/travelers checks
    • Printed copies of all travel reservations (airline, hotel, other transportation)

3 vital wedding week tasks by kelsey ann events and virginia wedding photographer

3. Pack for your wedding.

  • Put everything in clearly labeled boxes. For example, put all guest table centerpieces in one, labeled box. Your wedding planner will LOVE YOU!
  • Pack a little more than necessary. If you have extra votives, put them in an “extras” box. For your wedding planner, it is always nice to have a little cushion to rely on when decorating the space!
  • Put small items in baggies. Small things can be important and also get lost easily! Pack things like lighters and guest bookmarkers in a clear Ziploc baggie for safekeeping!
  • Take things out of their packaging. This might seem a little redundant, taking things out of their nice packaging to pack them back up. However, you won’t believe how much time this can save your wedding planner by avoiding tape, annoying Styrofoam (that sticks to everything), and more large cardboard boxes that need to be stored and then put in the trash. 
  • Make sure you pack these most-forgotten items! Guest-book markers, garter, RINGS, marriage license, ties/bowties, and an invitation suite for photos!



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