August 16, 2018

Audrey Rose Workshop August 2018

virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-norfolk-va-hermitage-museum-photo_5455.jpgThe 4th Audrey Rose Workshop has already come and gone!! How is that possible?! This one was a little bitter sweet as it is my last workshop for a good while with the arrival of Baby Deyerle fast approaching. But it was so sweet because I got to bring him along with me in my tummy all day! Each workshop is so different and so great in different ways! Each new group of attendees brings a new and different dynamic to the day. We even had our first guy for this workshop! He was such a trooper spending the whole day with a bunch of girls! 

Leading up to these workshops, I’ll admit that I have a bit of anxiety. From watching the weather like a hawk to planning out every single minute of the day to ensure all goes smoothly. Not to mention, trying to make sure that I cover all the important topics that I know these attendees are looking to learn about! These attendees come to Virginia from all over the country, so I want to make sure the trip is well worth it! So when I see those light bulbs going off and page after page of their notebooks being filled, I know that all the hard work I put into these workshops is SO worth it! 

We had people from all over for this workshop! Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina and more! Seeing these attendees start the experience as complete strangers but then leave at the end of the day as friends is such a treat! My goal is to make these workshops an intimate experience. From piling into my own living room to home cooked meals shared around my dining room table, I want them to feel at home and part of the family. It’s hard to say goodbye at the end of the day! And this time I kept these poor guys wayyyy late until 10:15!! I just can’t help but share all that I have to give with them! 

These workshops have become one of my favorite parts of my business. I never realized how much of a heart I have for educating until I really dived into these. As sad as I am to be taking a break from them, I can’t help but be excited to take time off to welcome Baby Deyerle to the family! It’s crazy to think that he’ll be with us when I get back to doing these again! So enjoy this recap of the 4th Audrey Rose Workshop!! Behind the scenes photos courtesy of my sweet friend, Bri

We started with a welcome dinner the night before the workshop. This is a great way for everyone to get to know each other before we hit the ground running early the next morning!
Workshop day! virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-norfolk-va-hermitage-museum-photo_5414.jpg
These workshop days are LONG. 13+ hours long! So I always make sure to have plenty of snacks and coffee to keep them going all day long!virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-norfolk-va-hermitage-museum-photo_5416.jpg
Let’s be honest, everyone’s just here for the pups! virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-norfolk-va-hermitage-museum-photo_5417.jpg
These guys are never happier than on workshop days. A full house of people wanting to pet them all day long is their heaven on earth. virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-norfolk-va-hermitage-museum-photo_5418.jpg
We start the day with talking all things photography- lighting, posing, composition and more! This way they can apply all this new knowledge at the styled shoot!virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-norfolk-va-hermitage-museum-photo_5422.jpg
I loved seeing these guys fill page after page of notes! virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-norfolk-va-hermitage-museum-photo_5423.jpg
The many faces of Miss Charlotte.virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-norfolk-va-hermitage-museum-photo_5425.jpg
Henry’s faces have a little less variety. virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-norfolk-va-hermitage-museum-photo_5426.jpg
Of course every got their very own front porch headshot!virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-norfolk-va-hermitage-museum-photo_5430.jpg
How cute is my sweet friend/second shooter/assistant extraordinaire, Bri?!virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-norfolk-va-hermitage-museum-photo_5433.jpg
After lunch at the house, we headed down the street to The Hermitage Museum for the styled shoot. We were watching the weather forecast like a hawk and thankfully it didn’t rain!! It was hot and muggy, but at least not raining! I’ll take it!virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-norfolk-va-hermitage-museum-photo_5434.jpg
Our great team of vendors put together an amazing setup for these attendees! virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-norfolk-va-hermitage-museum-photo_5436.jpg
Getting close and personal with Kellen, our sweet bride model, adjusting her clips. virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-norfolk-va-hermitage-museum-photo_5447.jpg
What a fun group!! virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-norfolk-va-hermitage-museum-photo_5449.jpg
So thankful to this sweet couple for being such awesome models for our shoot! They were so great!virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-norfolk-va-hermitage-museum-photo_5450.jpg
A few sneak peeks from the shoot! virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-norfolk-va-hermitage-museum-photo_5452.jpg
Then back to the house and right back to learning! The middle part of the day is spent going through an entire wedding day and how I approach every part of the day.virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-norfolk-va-hermitage-museum-photo_5451.jpg
Then I do a culling and editing demo using the images I just shot at the styled shoot! Followed by a home cooked dinner by my mom! Thanks mom! After dinner, we go right back into learning! We end the day with the business side of things- client experience, branding, ideal client, social media, blogging, online presence, pricing and more! virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-norfolk-va-hermitage-museum-photo_5454.jpg

Then eventually I release everyone from my grasps and let them go home! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for all these attendees!! 


Shout out to all the vendors that contributed to the styled shoot! 

Coordinator | Jamie Leigh Events

Hair | Stephanie Michelle 

Make up | Dhalia Edwards 

Dress – Ava Clara Bridal

Flowers- The Hanging Garden 

Venue | The Hermitage Museum 

Table | Back Porch Rentals 

Rentals | Distinctive Event Rentals 

Invitation/ stationary- The Calligrapher Christen

Cake – Rachel bakes


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