August 3, 2017

August Audrey Rose Workshop Recap

virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-audrey-rose-photo_1083.jpgIt seems like just yesterday that I had this crazy idea to create a photography workshop of my own. An event where I would invite photographers into my home and share all the knowledge and experience I had to offer to whoever wanted to learn it! And now here we are with the second workshop already done! This workshop has brought a whole new level of passion to this business of mine! 

At the end of Tuesday’s workshop, one of the attendees challenged me with a tough question- what’s you favorite thing about your business? My answer immediately went towards the couples I get work with and how I get to play a role in such a special part of their lives. But the same answer now applies to the education side of my business. I know how exciting and sometimes scary and daunting this photography journey can be. Being able to fuel the fire of these photographers and equip them with the tools they need to take their businesses to new heights is just priceless. I’m always so sad when it’s time for them to leave at the end of the day! 

This week’s workshop was just as amazing as I’d hoped it be! Well, besides me losing my voice halfway through! We had such an awesome group of attendees join us for a VERY long day (like 13+ hours long) of learning, making new friends and corgi snuggles! I was sharing all my secrets and everything I know about this business sending them home with full notebooks and a freshly lit fire for their businesses! One of my favorite things to see is how excited they are to get home and start applying all the things they learned! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this amazing group of people! 

I also want to give a shout out to everyone that helped make this workshop happen! My sweet friend and second shooter, Corrin, who took all the behind-the-scenes pictures, ran errands, kept the house clean during the workshop and so much more! Couldn’t have done it without her! To my mom who made dinner for everyone!! To Branden who made us late night popcorn and cookies! To Gibby Visuals for filming the workshop! To all the vendors who were a part of the styled shoot! And to all the amazing sponsors that donated giveaways and discounts for our attendees! I’m so thankful for all of you! 

And here’s a recap of Tuesday’s workshop! We first started with a welcome dinner on Monday night. I love getting to know everyone in a relaxed setting before hitting the ground running early the next morning. We were so lucky to have such a gorgeous night for a rooftop dinner!
virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-audrey-rose-photo_1058.jpgWorkshop day! 
Gotta keep these guys fueled for the long day ahead!virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-audrey-rose-photo_1061.jpg
We started the day off with talking all things technical- lighting, posing, composition and more!virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-audrey-rose-photo_1062.jpg
As always, the dogs were relentless in demanding attention all day long!virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-audrey-rose-photo_1064.jpg
It was such a gorgeous day for lunch on the porch!virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-audrey-rose-photo_1065.jpg
Then we headed over to Jollity & Co for the styled shoot!virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-audrey-rose-photo_1066.jpg
Loved having Justin and Emily from Gibby Visuals there to film the day!virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-audrey-rose-photo_1069.jpg
All the attendees got to watch and learn how I approach lighting, posing, lens choice, while also getting tons of pretty pictures for their own portfolio!virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-audrey-rose-photo_1071.jpg
Love this group of girl bosses! virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-audrey-rose-photo_1072.jpg
When we got back to the house, we did a live editing demo where I culled and edited a few of my images from the styled shoot! Here’s a sneak peek!virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-audrey-rose-photo_1073.jpg
The second half of the day consisted of running through an entire wedding day from start to finish and I how approach each part of the day. Then we went into all the business topics! Blogging, branding, SEO, social media, pricing- everything! And I got to send some attendees home with some AMAZING giveaways! One of which was worth $1200!!virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-audrey-rose-photo_1074.jpg
And of course, everyone got their own front porch headshot! One of my favorite parts of the day where we hang on the porch, enjoy the weather and the pups got to play fetch with the ladies in the front yard!virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-audrey-rose-photo_1076.jpg
How cute are all these ladies??
virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-audrey-rose-photo_1081.jpgDinner time! My mom made a Mexican feast for us! Thanks mom! But we weren’t done yet! I kept these poor guys here until 10:00! Needless to say, they were pretty exhausted, but also full of new knowledge and things to apply to their businesses!

As exhausted as I am from this week (and my voice still hasn’t come back yet!), I already can’t wait to get planning to do another one! I won’t be doing any more this year, but will hopefully have the next one in early 2018! If you’re interested in attending future workshops, be sure to sign up for the email newsletter to be the first to know about future dates! 

Want to see a recap of the last workshop? Click here! 

Want to learn more about the workshop? Head to the workshop website!

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  1. Audrey, the workshop went above and beyond my expectations!! Thank you SO much for sharing so much knowledge. The things I learned yesterday will impact me for years to come!

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