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July 31, 2018

Baby Deyerle Gender Reveal

pregnancy-gender-reveal-party-confetti-balloon-photo_5298.jpgI have always loved the idea of doing a fun gender reveal when we would get pregnant one day. But with Branden being an Ob/Gyn resident, I knew it would be hard to keep the gender from him since he would easily be able to spot it during ultrasounds. And I didn’t want him to not be able to watch those early ultrasounds, so I figured it was just something we wouldn’t be able to do.

But with this baby being the first grandchild for both our families, there is so much excitement surrounding this pregnancy so I really wanted to find a way to have our families be a part of finding out the gender with us! So at our ultrasounds, we kindly asked the technicians to stick to the upper half of the body and have Branden look away during the below the waist down portions of the exam. And it worked! We were somehow able to keep it a secret from both of us in order to do a reveal! 

My gut from day one said boy. This was mainly because ALL of our friends have been having girls, so I just figured statistically, someone’s gotta have a boy! Someone’s also got to make a potential suitor for all these baby girls! But I had no preference either way. Now Branden refused to make a guess, but he couldn’t hide (at least from me) that his preference was boy. I think he’s just been dreaming his whole life of having a little boy to do all things boy with! 

It’s taken a while for the reality of this pregnancy to really sink in. With my having no symptoms this entire pregnancy (praise the Lord!), it’s hard to believe that something is actually in there! But this last week, it finally became real! Between being able to feel the baby move for the first time, my little baby bump making an appearance AND finding out the gender, it finally feels real! And being able to call the baby by his name (yes we have a name, just not sharing yet!) has been the sweetest thing and gives me butterflies every time!

For the reveal, we decided to do a confetti balloon! As a photographer, I of course wanted something that would provide a good photo opportunity. So I figured that being showered in pink or blue confetti would be perfect! Shout out to Jollity & Co for making the balloon for us! And for not letting Branden squeeze the gender out of them when he went to pick it up! I don’t think Branden has ever been more stressed than when he was driving home what the balloon in the car! Luckily it made it all the way to the reveal without popping! Phew! 

Even though my gut had always said boy, when we finally popped the balloon and I saw all the blue confetti my immediate reaction was just disbelief. Because all our friends had had girls, deep down I thought we would follow suit. And because Branden wanted a boy so bad, I figured the universe would punish him for daring to have a preference! haha! But mother’s intuition proved true and my gut was right all along!! This was such a fun day made even more special by being able to share it with friends and family! Can’t wait to meet Baby BOY Deyerle this winter!pregnancy-gender-reveal-party-confetti-balloon-photo_5283.jpg
I may have gone overboard with the pink and blue desserts! Sorry not sorry! This was also my first attempt at a real cake! Not too bad, I think!pregnancy-gender-reveal-party-confetti-balloon-photo_5285.jpg
Branden’s dad made us the beer cap plinko game a while back out of the wood from our old deck. We figured we could turn it into a fun game to see if the baby would be a girl, boy or corgi! haha!pregnancy-gender-reveal-party-confetti-balloon-photo_5286.jpg
My little baby bump arrived just in time for the party!pregnancy-gender-reveal-party-confetti-balloon-photo_5287.jpg
Thanks Aunt Susan for this panoramic pic right before the reveal!pregnancy-gender-reveal-party-confetti-balloon-photo_5290.jpg
Branden couldn’t contain his goofy excitement as he waited to finally pop the balloon!pregnancy-gender-reveal-party-confetti-balloon-photo_5291.jpg
Here we go! So nervous! 5…4…3…pregnancy-gender-reveal-party-confetti-balloon-photo_5292.jpg
IT’S A BOY!!! (yes, he popped it on 3. Why am I not surprised??)pregnancy-gender-reveal-party-confetti-balloon-photo_5293.jpg
At this point Branden is just trying to not make it super obvious how excited he really is that it is a boy! haha!pregnancy-gender-reveal-party-confetti-balloon-photo_5294.jpg
Our friends Kelsey and Matt just had a baby girl a few weeks ago, Charlie! Look out Charlie, our baby boy is coming for ya!pregnancy-gender-reveal-party-confetti-balloon-photo_5296.jpg

I also stitched together some of the video that we took during the party! 

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