February 20, 2018

February Audrey Rose Workshop Recap

norfolk-virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-photo_3399.jpgIt was actually almost exactly a year ago that I announced that I was going to start offering workshops. I had never been so nervous about anything I’ve done in my business. What if no one signs up? Are people going to want to learn from me? And now here we are doing a recap of my third sold out workshop! What?? 

I’m so blessed to have such wonderful people attend these workshops. Each and every attendee has a heart of gold and is very eager to learn! By the end of the night, they all feel like dear friends! And they all leave with a whole new set of friends within the group! After 13 hours, they leave my home with full hearts and very full notebooks! And this time we had attendees from all over! Boston, Florida and Arizona! So crazy! No pressure, right??

These workshops may be long and exhausting, but they bring me so much joy! Being able to pour into so many people and businesses is just priceless. I truly look forward to seeing what’s to come for each of these attendees! So here’s a recap of this weekend’s workshop! It was a blast! Behind the scenes pictures courtesy of my dear friend, Corrin
We had plenty of snacks to keep everyone going ALL day long!norfolk-virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-photo_3359.jpg
Here we go! norfolk-virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-photo_3360.jpg
I tasked Corrin with an impossible task- getting a decent picture of me teaching. It did not happen. haha! norfolk-virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-photo_3362.jpg
Workshop days are the pups favorite days! Loving ALL DAY LONG! norfolk-virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-photo_3363.jpg
The morning was spent talking all things photography- lighting, posing, composition, etc! norfolk-virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-photo_3366.jpg
Styled shoot time! Now they get to apply all the technical knowledge they got in the morning! norfolk-virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-photo_3368.jpg
I just take the best pictures! And have wonderful shooting posture! norfolk-virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-photo_3369.jpg
Corrin teaching the Canon folks how to use an expo disc! norfolk-virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-photo_3370.jpg
All the attendees were in for a treat with all the gorgeous details! Styled shoot was put on by Jamie Leigh Eventsnorfolk-virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-photo_3371.jpg
They also got to play with all my styling boards, trays, ribbons, etc! And tons of loose florals from the florist! norfolk-virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-photo_3373.jpg
This girl’s been test modeling for me since 2016!norfolk-virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-photo_3375.jpg
Time to shoot our gorgeous models! norfolk-virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-photo_3376.jpg
We also did a live Facebook video during the posing portion of the shoot! Click here to see it! norfolk-virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-photo_3377.jpg
I loved seeing all the attendees pose the models too! norfolk-virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-photo_3378.jpg
Paparazzi! norfolk-virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-photo_3381.jpg
We also had some surprise guests be a part of the shoot! norfolk-virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-photo_3383.jpg
They were a little too excited at first and didn’t want to sit still! norfolk-virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-photo_3384.jpg
But in the end, they did a really good job and stayed sitting for a lot of pics! norfolk-virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-photo_3385.jpg
Had to sneak a family pic with our little guys while they were all dressed up! norfolk-virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-photo_3388.jpg
We also had some time to do some practice with shooting in mid-day sunlight! norfolk-virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-photo_3389.jpg
Love this so much!! norfolk-virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-photo_3390.jpgSneak peek!! Gahh!! 
Back to the house and back to learning! The second half of the day was spent walking through every step of a wedding day and the business side- seo, blogging, branding, pricing and more! norfolk-virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-photo_3391.jpg
Live culling and editing demo! norfolk-virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-photo_3392.jpg
And of course everyone got their own front porch headshot! They are all so cute! norfolk-virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-photo_3394.jpg
Love this girl to pieces! She has been my assistant/behind-the-scenes shooter/dish-washer/dog wrangler for all of my workshops! norfolk-virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-photo_3397.jpg
And my mom made a home cooked meal for everyone for dinner! Yummmm!!! This meal was exactly what we all needed to get us through the end of the day! We wrapped up at 10:00! Ah! norfolk-virginia-wedding-photography-workshop-photo_3398.jpgA few phone pics from the end of the night!  Branden’s late night snack of popcorn and cookies is always a hit!

Phew! Going through this post makes me feel exhausted all over again! What a long and awesome day! There isn’t currently a date set for the next workshop, but make sure you’re on the email list to be the first to know when it is set! 

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