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July 3, 2018

Milk Bath Maternity Photos

hampton-roads-virginia-maternity-milk-bath-photo_5130.jpgThis has been such a sweet season of life. Not only because of what we are going through, but also what we get to watch our close friends go through. So many of our friends are getting pregnant and having their first babies, just like our sweet friends, Kelsey and Matt! Kelsey was a friend of mine from high school, but we got reacquainted when I photographed her wedding a few years ago! Since then, we’ve grown so close and shared many memories together! And now we are both entering into a new stage of life together- parenthood! 

Kelsey and Matt’s road to parenthood had some bumps which has made this pregnancy so sweet to watch. After they lost their first pregnancy last summer, as much as I mourned for them, I also couldn’t stop thinking about how I knew I would soon be meeting their rainbow baby! And I was right! Their sweet baby girl, Charlie, is due in just a couple weeks! I’ve had Kelsey and Matt in front of my camera countless times over the years, but this was definitely my favorite! A close second to their pregnancy announcement photo!

Kelsey is a dreamer. A go big or go home kinda gal. So she didn’t want to just do your standard maternity photos. She mentioned the idea of doing a milk bath maternity shoot and I was all for it! Neither of us had ever done one, so it was quite an adventure! Kelsey looked like a maternity goddess as she floated in a milky bath surrounded by rose petals and peonies. Kelsey is a natural beauty, but her hair and makeup by Flawless and Blushtones really kicked it up a notch! 

We also took advantage of the beautiful scenery surrounding Lynn Acres to do some photos of Kelsey and Matt before diving into the tub! We did these at noon so thank goodness we had some clouds roll through! Kelsey and Matt, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives and to capture so many of your precious memories. I cannot wait to meet little Charlie SO SOON and to see you both become the amazing parents that I know you will be! And as a July baby myself, July girls rock! Just sayin!
Into the tub we go! hampton-roads-virginia-maternity-milk-bath-photo_5116.jpg
Such a stunning mama! hampton-roads-virginia-maternity-milk-bath-photo_5117.jpg
I also brought my film camera along for a few shots! Love the feel of film photos! hampton-roads-virginia-maternity-milk-bath-photo_5123.jpg

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