May 12, 2016

We Bought a House!!

buying our first home in larchmont norfolk virginiaOh, friends. I can’t even begin to tell you how long I’ve been wanting to write this post. For the last few years, I have been wanting SO SO badly to own a home with my hubby. A place to make our own, a yard for our pups, a front porch to drink coffee on and more! So after years of waiting, I’m so excited to finally announce that we have bought a home!!!

We have spent these last 4 years living in little one bedroom apartments, which were really all we needed at this point. We were newlyweds in a new city, so our little 800 square feet of living space was enough for the time being. But it didn’t take long before we really got that itch for a place of our own. Our own yard, no one living above or below you, a front door that led to a porch instead of a stairwell, etc.

So even though we were ready to buy a house, it didn’t make sense to until Branden finished medical school and we knew where we would be spending the next 4 years. Once Branden entered his 4th year of medical school, he knew he wanted to do residency here at EVMS, but wouldn’t know for sure if he would match here until Match Day in March. So we did the thing you’re not supposed to do and started looking at houses in the area even though we weren’t in a place to make an offer yet. Oh, the heartbreak. So many houses that we fell in love with, but then were sold the next day. So we tried to stop looking until we got really close to Match Day thinking that the houses we find then would still be on the market come Match Day. Wrong. We even found a house go up on the market THREE DAYS before Match Day, fell in love with it and then 2 days later- GONE. Lesson learned to not envision yourself in a house until it’s yours.

We had been working with a realtor leading up to Match Day and made plans to go looking at houses the day after we found out where he matched. We had a handful lined up to see, but we honestly weren’t feeling too excited about any of them based on the listings. At this point we were feeling pretty discouraged that we wouldn’t find a house that we loved and that we would just end up settling with one that was OK. Much to our surprise, we went to look at a house in Larchmont and fell in love!! It came at a big surprise when the house actually looked way better than the pictures online! Larchmont is amazing Norfolk neighborhood that we never thought we’d be able to afford to live in. But somehow this cute little craftsman popped up in our price range and it was just perfect! We weren’t trying to let this one slip by, so we made an offer the next day and had it accepted the day after that! Woohoo!!

The house had all the important things we were looking for- great neighborhood, yard for the dogs, garage, charm (built in 1921!!), etc. And that amazing front porch was added bonus! I can just imagine myself sitting on that swing with the pups and my morning coffee looking out onto our charming tree-lined street. This is what we’ve been dreaming of for so long now and it’s hard to believe it is finally happening! Truth be told, we are pretty nervous about being homeowners for the first time. We know that all you homeowners out there are probably shaking your heads thinking ‘just you wait’. We know the home-owning experience isn’t going to be easy at times, but we are certainly enjoying the excitement at the onset of this new journey!

So he were are almost 2 months later on closing day! We’ll be signing all the final papers today and begin the move! Fingers crossed all goes well! I’m not sure what I was thinking when I planned to have a vacation, move into a new house and out of an apartment, shoot a wedding AND finalize plans for a 2 week Europe trip in the SAME week! Yikes! Wish us luck! To see more of our new house, follow me on snapchat (@AudreyDeyerle) and Instagram!buying our first home in larchmont norfolk virginia

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