September 5, 2017

Weekend Update

two-rivers-country-club-williamsburg-virginia-wedding-photo_1491.jpgRain or shine, two amazing couples got married this weekend! Lexy and Max were married at a sweet bed and breakfast on the water in Seaford and Alexis and Max were married at a beautiful country club on the James River in Williamsburg. My feet are tired, but my heart is full from all the love this weekend! 

As always, random thoughts and moments from the week! 

  • I definitely didn’t do the best job at keeping a base tan this summer. A quick trip to the beach yesterday to rest my aching feet and head resulting in a sunburn that now has me tending to that instead! Oops! 
  • As much as I love fall and all that comes with it, I hate the constant hurricane scares! With weddings almost every weekend this fall, I’m crossing all my fingers and toes that we can get away with a hurricane-free season! 
  • Branden usually has to work holidays, but he got Labor Day off last minute! Even though we spent most of the day napping and working on our computers, it was so nice to have a whole day at home with him! A rare thing this time of year, especially! Looking forward to that post-residency life where he can be home more! 

And now for the sneak peeks! Here’s some from Lexy and Max’s Bay Tree Manor Wedding on Saturday.
And Alexis and Ben’s Two Rivers Country Club wedding on Sunday!two-rivers-country-club-williamsburg-virginia-wedding-photo_1492.jpg

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