June 4, 2018

Weekend Update

tides-inn-chesapeake-bay-virginia-wedding-photo_4648.jpgWell, I thought I was sore last week, but this week is a whole new level! 4 weddings and an engagement session in one week has left me glued to the couch and bed! It’s funny how going back to just one wedding a weekend now feels like a break! By the 3rd and 4th wedding of the week, I felt like I go shoot a wedding in my sleep! But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I just love this job! All the aches and pains are worth it! 

Thoughts and happenings! 

  • When I got home from the 4th wedding of the week and hit the bed, I decided to not set an alarm and see how long I slept. Y’all, I slept until noon!!! The last time I slept that late was probably in high school! Usually I wake up when the light starts coming into the bedroom, but I guess that just goes to show how tired I was! AND I took a nap later in the day! What?!
  • If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I like to blog my sessions and weddings pretty quickly after shooting them. I especially try to always go into a wedding day without any other weddings and sessions still to be edited. So when I finished this weekend with an engagement session and THREE weddings in the queue to be done, let’s just say it made me really uncomfortable! If you need me this week, you can find me lost in Lightroom for the foreseeable future. 
  • During a rainy Sunday afternoon yesterday, we decided to watch a movie and landed on Die Hard. I never realized that I had actually never seen Die Hard before because all this time I was confusing it with The Fifth Element!! Oops!! 

Another busy week means lots of sneak peeks! First, Maryann and Ronan’s rainy Richmond engagement session!richmond-virginia-rainy-engagement-session-photo_4627.jpg
Next, Taylor and Brandon’s sweet Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden wedding! lewis-ginter-richmond-virginia-wedding-photo545.JPG
And last, Maryann and Ronan’s Tides Inn wedding! Yes, we did their engagements a few days before their wedding! tides-inn-chesapeake-bay-virginia-wedding-photo_4647.jpg

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