July 2, 2018

Weekend Update

ravens-roost-overlook-virginia-mountains-engagement-session-photo_5106.jpgHappy Monday, friends!! The heat and the summer have officially arrived!! How are we already halfway through 2018?! This year is flying by! And this year flying by is even more significant to me now since it means that the arrival of our little one is rapidly approaching! Ahh!! 

Thoughts and happenings from the week! 

  • You guys have NO idea how hard it’s been to write these weekend update posts the last few months while I was pregnant, but was still keeping it a secret. I mean, when I tried to look back at the week that had passed and think about what happened or what to say, all I could think about was baby stuff!! It felt like it was the only thing I had going on, but I couldn’t share it! I’m so excited to be able to give you all updates now! 
  • We have an ultrasound today! I can’t wait to see our little babe! I am almost 14 weeks along and there is a chance they may be able to see the gender. But I would really like to hold off on finding out for a few weeks so we can get our families together and do a fun reveal. The issue with this is that Branden does ultrasounds for a living and will easily be able to spot gender parts on a ultrasound. But I want to keep it a secret from both of us for the reveal! So I’m a little nervous he’ll see that gender today and won’t be able to keep it to himself! We’ll see how it goes! 
  • I also got my first baby gifts this past week!!! My sweet friend, Kelsey, and my sweet bride, Rachel, got me a few little things for Baby Deyerle! I still can’t believe that the little jalapeno inside me is going to one day fit into these little baby clothes!   


Yesterday I spent 7+ hours on the road driving up to the mountains for Rachel and Matt’s engagement session! I’d say the view was worth the drive! It was stunning!! 

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