August 6, 2018

Weekend Update

richmond-virginia-jefferson-hotel-wedding-photo_5312.jpgAfter a few weeks off, it’s back to work! I’ll often have a littler break in the middle of the summer as weddings are usually fewer because of the hot weather! It’s funny how even just 3 weekends of not shooting a wedding makes me feel rusty when I shoot again! But it always comes right back to me, like riding a bike! Krissy and James’ wedding took place at some of my favorite Richmond locations and was such a great day! 

  • I know it’s been all baby baby baby recently. When I saw this little mid-season break in my schedule, I knew I wanted to get a jump on all things baby during that break! Things like working on the nursery! And we’re making good progress! The room as been cleared and painted, crib and dresser are put together and window treatments and artwork are on the way! Can’t wait to see it all come together!
  • This pregnancy has finally started to feel real these past two weeks! We found out the gender (boy!), my little bump has poked out and I’ve been feeling lots of movement and kicks! We were even able to get Branden to feel a kick last week! It was the sweetest moment!
  • This weekend’s wedding was the first one I shot while actually feeling physically pregnant. Even though I’ve technically shot the majority of my weddings this year while pregnant, it wasn’t until now thought I actually felt (and looked) pregnant. Some things I’ve already learned/noticed: my feet get tired more quickly, squatting down is more comfortable, I have to pee all the time, carrying all my gear around is no fun and I need to pack WAY more snacks!! 

Sneak peeks from Krissy and James’ Richmond wedding this weekend!

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