June 25, 2018

We’re Pregnant!! First Trimester

pregnancy-announcement-norfolk-virginia-wedding-photographer-photo_5100.jpgY’all is this real life?! Am I really announcing that there is a human life inside me?! It definitely hasn’t sunk in yet that this is real! But the doctor says it is- we’re pregnant!!!

To say we’re excited would be an understatement. Being parents is something we’ve dreamed about since we first started dating more than 12 years ago! Keeping this under wraps the last few months has been so hard! I mean, how do you not shout something like this from the rooftops?! I will say though, it hasn’t exactly been the best kept secret as a lot of you out there already know! We just couldn’t help ourselves!

But I can’t believe that it is finally public and we can tell the world! I’ll admit that writing Weekend Update posts and coming up with instagram content has been tough the last few months when all that is on my mind is BABY! But I’m so excited that I can finally bring you all along on this journey with us!

So let’s bring you guys up to speed! Here’s all the FAQs!

When are you due? I am due January 1st! Although we secretly hope that is comes in 2018 for tax purposes. Hehe. I will be 13 weeks tomorrow!

How did you find out? If you know me, you’ll know that I am a planner at heart. So I even had the day that we would take a pregnancy test planned and marked on the calendar. I wanted to do it at a time where we would be together (which with our schedules isn’t often the case). So when that scheduled day arrived, I took the test first thing in the morning, put the box on top of the test, waited the 3 minutes, then we lifted the box off together and fell completely silent. I immediately just buried my face in his chest and cried (which I never do!). It was an awesome moment.

How are you feeling?? Ok, so all of you moms out there that had horrible first trimesters are going to hate me. I’ve had ZERO symptoms. I know!! Which is another reason I don’t really believe it’s real! When I found out I was pregnant I realized I would be shooting my busiest stretch of the year at weeks 8-10 so I was terrified that I would be miserable. But the dreaded symptoms never came! Hoping I can be this lucky for the rest of the pregnancy!

Are you showing? Honestly, I’m not sure. Haha! My belly is definitely growing, but I’ve also been super bloated, so it’s hard to say if it’s baby or just me!

Are your families excited?! Yes!!! This will be the first grandbaby for both our families so they are all very excited!! They’ve been shamelessly bugging us to get pregnant for many years now! Honestly, one of my favorite parts about this so far has been telling people! I just love how happy it makes people! Another reason it was so hard to keep it under wraps! 

Will Branden deliver the baby? In case you don’t know this already, my husband is an Ob/Gyn. But no, he will not deliver the baby. At least not on paper. I’m hoping that if things are going smoothly, the doctor will let him step in and do it! So we’ll see! But having an Ob for a baby daddy has been amazing! I can ask him all my questions and never have to worry! And we can do ultrasounds whenever we want! We’ve already done several! Between my photographing the baby once it’s out and Branden’s photographing it while it’s inside, this is going to be a very well photographed baby! Haha!

Are you going to find out the gender? Yes! With Branden being an Ob/Gyn, he will be able to tell the gender pretty easily during ultrasounds. So there’s really no way for us to not know! We’re going to try to see if we can keep Branden from being able to see the gender for the next few weeks so we can do a gender reveal to our families! I can’t wait to be able to call the baby by it’s name instead of just calling it ‘it’!

How do you think the dogs will be with the baby? Honestly, I’m not sure. I think they’ll probably get over it pretty quickly. Charlotte will probably have the hardest time as she is used to being the center of attention all the time. So we’ll see how it goes!

What color will the nursery be? Come on. Do you know me at all???

So that’s the basics of where we’re at so far! I hear people say that the first trimester is the slowest and I’m really hoping that’s true! On one hand, I just want the baby to be here and on the other, I don’t feel ready yet! I’m so excited to get things moving, get the belly growing, get the nursery underway and start preparing our minds and hearts for this new and exciting season of life!! And if anyone has any advice on how to keep a small human alive, we’re all ears!!

Here’s a little bit of what we’ve been keeping from you the past few months!

The day we had our positive pregnancy test and telling our families via a card trick! 
pregnancy-announcement-norfolk-virginia-wedding-photographer-photo_5101.jpgOur families reactions to the news!

Our first ‘official’ ultrasound at 8 weeks. 
Our first 3D ultrasound at 11 weeks! I can’t believe how much it already looked like a baby! And just look at the difference between the 8 week ultrasound and this one!! So crazy how fast it grows!pregnancy-announcement-norfolk-virginia-wedding-photographer-photo_5103.jpg

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  1. Ryann says:

    Ahhhh how exciting Audrey! Most amazing time of your lives for sure. Sending prayers for you mama! Congratulations on your precious gift!!!

  2. Jessica says:

    Wait. Who’s baby is that?!?! Jk. Love you guys! Congrats! I’ll totally fly back to be your doula if needed 😘

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