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July 12, 2016

Capri, Italy

capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5584.jpgFolks, get ready for your jaws to drop to the floor over this place. The next stop on our European vacation is a stunner! Today we are recapping our time in Capri, Italy. Our boat actually docked in Naples and we were left with a touch decision about how to spend our day. The main attraction here would be Pompeii, so our first instinct was to do that. But then when we saw all the other things there were to do and see in this area, we made the tough decision to totally scratch off Pompeii and spend the whole day in Capri, Italy! And boy, am I glad we did!

Right after docking in Naples, we hopped off the boat to catch the 50 minute ferry to the island of Capri. We actually missed our ferry time by ONE minute, so we had to wait a whole hour for the next one. Not the best way to start the day, and I’m honestly still a little bitter about it since we lost that head start I wanted on the day, but nonetheless we made it to Capri eventually! A little background on this gorgeous Italian island- it was first made famous as the vacation hideway of Roman Emperors! And still has a similar purpose today as it is best known as a vacation spot for the rich and famous! We were really hoping we would get a glimpse of George Clooney as this is one of his frequent getaway spots! The main thing to do here in Capri is just relax and take in the jaw-dropping sights of the island. I may decorate my whole house with images from this trip. This place is like something out of a fairytale! Enjoy this recap of our time if this piece of paradise!

Right when our ferry reach Capri, we picked our jaws off the floor and hopped right on a boat tour that takes you around the whole island. Prepare to be amazed by Capri’s beauty!capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5554.jpg capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5555.jpg capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5556.jpg These limestone cliffs surround the whole island- so gorgeous!capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5557.jpg capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5558.jpg capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5559.jpg capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5560.jpg There are several little coves and grottos around the edge of the island and our big tour boat even got to squeeze into a few of them!capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5561.jpg capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5562.jpg capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5563.jpg capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5564.jpg capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5565.jpg capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5566.jpg capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5567.jpg The Blue Grotto is one of the most popular sights of the island. Tourists wait hours in line to hop in a little row boat to get inside a tiny grotto that boasts sparkling teal water as a result of the sun bouncing off the stone. Unfortunately, by the time we got there the line was way too long (as you can see by all the wading boats here waiting in line) and they ended up closing it due to the choppy water. Boo! Next time, I guess!capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5568.jpg Once our boat tour returned, we set out to see the sights by land. Which starting with waiting in line for FORTY minutes to catch a bus. Oy! My one complaint about Capri is the massive amounts of tourists. Everything worth doing or seeing requires waiting in a lengthy line.capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5569.jpg The next must-do thing on our list was riding the chairlift to Monte Solar0- the top most point of the island. The actual ride to the top was probably my favorite part of the day. So peaceful and quiet as you take in the stunning views of the island. All you could hear along the ride was birds chirping- a nice change of pace from the rest of the tourist-packed town!capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5570.jpg Going up!capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5571.jpgWee!!capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5572.jpg capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5573.jpg The view!!capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5574.jpg And the view from Monte Solaro! Seriously looks like a painting!capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5575.jpg capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5576.jpg capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5577.jpg Going down!capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5578.jpg Until next time, Capri! We’ll come back once we’re rich and famous to hang with George Clooney!capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5579.jpg After getting back to our cruise boat, we enjoyed a view of Mt. Vesuvius from the deck. Pretty epic!capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5580.jpg Then we sailed off into the sunset towards our next stop- ROME!! capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5581.jpg capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5582.jpg capri-italy-amalfi-coast-via-mediterranean-cruise-carnival-vista-photo_5583.jpgTo see more from our European getaway, check out these posts! 

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